The Voyage...Part 3


Dear friends, for the stories of the previous two voyages (please understand we are NOT talking about a physical voyage here!) to the Ships of Light, I recommend to read the very interesting reports and experiences from previous "travellers" on the magnificent website of our dearest Commander Soltec. Just click the banner below and you will be "beamed" to his site immediately ;-)


Greetings beloved friends,

This is Korton, I have joined your energies at this moment to bring you an invitation on behalf of our dearest Commander Ashtar and Lord Sananda, the Most Radiant One. Now many of you dear ones will recall the other group-voyages that we have initiated in the past to the Ships of Light. Well now, another new possibility will be created to board the ships in the very near future. And like I said beloved friends, you are invited!

Those of you that have participated in the previous voyages under the loving care of dear Soltec, will know the following, yet we felt it was of great importance to repeat that this journey I am speaking of here is not a physical voyage, but an uplifting of your I AM-Presence, your body of light. So during this so-called voyage your physical body will remain as it was, asleep or in a state of deep meditation. For these are the moments in which the voyage will occur. You might travel at night, or during meditation whichever you feel is right at the time.

And please remember that the concept of time as you know it does not exist in our realms, and due to this fact it does not matter what time or day you choose to meditate, or take part in this journey, you will all arrive an BE there together, at the same time…
But since we know how addicted some of you are to the ticking of your clocks ( I am only teasing you beloved ones…) we have created a four-day-window in which we will adjust your, and our light-frequencies to make it easier for you to enter our realms and visit the ships. And ofcourse this might be your very first voyage to the ships. In that case, know that we will await you with open arms and that you are most welcome!

The four-day-window I spoke off earlier will be created beginning on 9-9-'99 and will last on to 12-9-'99. During this voyage we will facilitate classes and initiations will be given to those who have been ready for them. And ofcourse those who will be on the ships for the first time can expect a tour around the ship. And friends, know that since only you bodies of light are traveling to the ships you will resonate on our frequency, and this is why we will appear to you as being in a physical form, and so will our ship appear to you as being of solid matter. We look forward to embrace you again. Well beloved ones, I'm sure that Ashtar will bring forth some more information, before the actual voyage will take place, in the meantime, know we are there for you, always…


Commander Korton.


Greetings beloved friends,

This is Ashtar speaking to you once more. I've chosen to be here with you at this time in order to speak through the last steps before we will meet on board of our ship.
First let me state that my heart-center glows from joy to see so many of you have registered with our Ground Crew Commanders in order to travel to the ships between 9-9-1999 and 9-12-1999 of your time. Dearest friends, although the Pioneer Voyage is initiated, like the ones before, to let those dear souls that are just recently awaking, become acquainted with the AC Fleets of Light, those of you that are traveling to the ships regularly are ofcourse welcomed with open arms.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to come together as family once more, like a reunion so to speak. Well, dear ones now let us speak about the preparation, as you probably understood from Cmdr. Andras I will bring you a meditation in three parts. Tomorrow I will bring you the first. This will be to prepare a save shield around your light-bodies so you will be traveling protected. The second one will be a cleansing on astral level, meant to raise your vibrations in order to travel nice and easily. Beloved ones the third I will bring you on the 9th of September in your time, This will combine the earlier two practices and will actually allow you to travel to our ship.
Again dear ones, no matter what time you choose from September 9th to September 12th, know that you will all be there, and arrive at the SAME time, for time as you know it does not exist in our density.

Well beloved friends, let me give you dear ones just one more word of advice before I leave you for now:
Please take care of your physical, as well as your light-bodies in the meantime. Drink a lot of the crystal-water we brought to you, and if this is not available please bless your ordinary water and drink a lot of this to accomplish cleansing and the raising of the vibrations. And please also watch your food-pattern. Eat light and friends, I can only advice you to eat no meat in the days to come, since this will lower your light-frequency. Well having said this, I say goodbye for now,


I AM Ashtar.


Beloved Ones,

As promised this is Ashtar again, and I come to bring you some essential information on how to protect you and your beautiful bodies of Light during your voyage through the dimensions.

Well dear ones, let me begin to ask you to center yourselves. Please control your breathing until an easy, natural flow is the result. Let all your earthly worries right where they are for this time being dearest friends, and let your fears and doubt slowly pass by in your mind, like clouds driven by a soft summer breeze.

Friends, feel your chakras open and feel the energy of life flow freely into your bodies. Now please focus on opening your crown chakra, and open it to an extent that the Golden White Light of the Christ-consciousness can stream right into there. Know this Light of Christ will protect you during all times, and know that you can Trust and depend on this and any occasion.

I know that many of you, dearest Starseeds and Lightworkers are still feeling some level of fear or uncertainty about going on a Voyage to our Rainbow Ship, but dear ones trust there's nothing to fear, as we, your Heavenly Family and Friends are awaiting you for your timely visit with wide open arms. And you can be certain of your presence on board too.

Now let us move on to the next step of protecting yourself for your inter-dimensional journey to our ship. After the Golden Light of Christ has filled your bodies I will ask you to activate a pyramid of Light.
A pyramid big enough to surround you completely. See this pyramid actually being filled up with the Golden Light. Once this process has completed dearest friends, you can activate this protective Pyramid of Light with the following affirmation:

I AM a Being of Light,
I AM protected by Light,
I Trust in traveling save,
Guided by the Ashtar Command
Guided by Light, now and always
In this Pyramid and the Golden Light
of Christ-energy, and through my
connection with the source

And so it's done.

Beloved ones, please exercise and practice this meditation and activation of your Pyramid of Light several times, so you can trust in a save journey through the dimension. Please do understand this journey can ask a lot from you, since you are experiencing a completely different realm of existence, and therefore protection is an important

Well dear friends, as promised tomorrow I will bring you the next part of your preparation for Pioneer Voyage 3 through Cmdr. Andras. In the meantime I send you my Infinite and Unconditional Love and await the moment we can embrace you on board of the Rainbow.

Until then… Adonai.

I AM Ashtar

Due to ACCNL's computer-problems the last meditation could not be sent by e-mail. Cmdr. Andras apologizes for this! Ashtar however promised the Command would assist you dear ones on your way, so...Know you'll make it to the Rainbow Ship!!!