Some Exercises with Merkaba
Merkaba Programming

This section is for people who are developing their personal Merkaba or Light Body. If you are not working with activating your merkaba then this information may be confusing or simply unnecessary. Now to those who are
ready: You may or may not have a detailed understanding of the merkaba activation, and may not understand some of the instructions. Only do the instructions that you understand, otherwise, do nothing.

The following steps are for those who are already activating your merkaba or the Light Body:

1. YOUR MERKABA IS ALIVE. Realize that it is conscious and aware of everything that is going on in the entire universe including other dimensions.

2. LOVE IS THE KEY TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. Your merkaba becomes more alive and it's awareness more accessible as your love for Life grows. As you let go and forgive those that have harmed you, as you begin to love your enemies, as you begin to see the perfection in each moment with every
breath; your merkaba begins to function on higher and higher levels. You become more conscious and able to function in new ways. Your human potential is probably beyond anything you have ever imagined. Love is the key. The instructions that follow are meaningless without this Love. Please do not underestimate this.

3. YOUR MERKABA WILL RESPOND TO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Your merkaba will simply exist around your body if your consciousness does not give it instructions. It is very much like a computer You can own a computer, but if you do not put software into it, it is not of much value. And, of
course, depending on what software you choose, your computer will perform differently. The merkaba is similar.

Another example is a crystal (very similar actually). A crystal will accept programs (thoughts, feelings or emotions) and will continue to send out these programs forever with great precision until someone or something
erases the programs. Unlike crystals, however, which can hold only as many different programs as there are faces on it, there is no limit to the number of "programs" that can be run in your merkaba or Light Body.

If you already know how to program crystals, then realize that your merkaba is very crystal-like and is "programmed" in exactly the same way.

For those of you who do not know, this is what you do. Everything in psychic energy is based on two simple principles: attention and intention. First you place your attention on what it is that you are working with, and
then you place your intention into that area that your attention is focused on.

For example, if you want to do something, say light up a dark room (without any instruments), then you place your attention on the specific room that you want lit up, and then you focus your intention on the room lighting up.
The focused intention itself can have many aspects to it. By this I mean, you could "see" or "visualize" the room lighting up. You could "feel" it lighting up. Or you could simply "know" that it is lighting up. All of these types of psychic energy fields, however, require your intention in
the first place.

Go into meditation and place your attention on your merkaba /Light Body. Then either speak or think what it is that you want your merkaba to do.Once your merkaba knows what it is that you want, it will instantly begin to perform this duty. It will perform this duty forever or until you stop it or change it. In the case of computers or crystals, "anyone" can change the program, but with a human, only the person that has the merkaba can start, stop or alter a program. It is your right to maintain sovereignty.

Okay, what would a person program into their merkaba? First of all, there are different ways to set up your merkaba. You must choose. The following are ways that I have thought of. You may think of others. Also, to be clear, there is more than just programming that may be necessary for you. That information will be given at the end of this part.

You can program in one of four ways. These ways could be said as: positive, negative, both and neutral (or in other words: male, female, child and witness, or: proton, electron, neutron, void)

I will now describe the differences between the male and female ways of programming. Male ways can be detailed, written down or explained to another. They have a pattern that is repeatable. They are usually very logical. Female ways have no specific pattern. You cannot tell another how
to do it, as it will continually change from time to time and from person to person. It does not have to be logical.

The child, or "both" way, is just that. Is using both ways of programming at once. Sometimes male, sometimes female or both simultaneously. The neutral or witness way does not take part in the drama of life, it just watches. This is relatively difficult for humans, but it is still possible.

Now that this has been explained, we can proceed.


There are many type of 'specific' male programming one can do. There is even a type of programming for being "invisible and undetectable", but that is done by programming a merkaba called a "surrogate", and is created and attached to the earth, rather than around your body. But the easiest and
most prevalent way to program your personal merkaba has to do with environmental 'hazards' that you want to avoid. For instance, there is a problem with the Geopathic lines and Hartmann lines. The Geopath lines are stress lines moving over the earth, caused by internal stress due to the
movement of tectonic plates or lava movement. They are 300-500 feet across and thousands of miles into space, and are like sheets. They are very, very dangerous to life and can cause fatal illness. If they happen to pass through your home, you will almost for sure become sick. The Hartmann lines are much weaker...only about 2-3 inches wide and move south to north and west to east. They are about 6-15 feet apart in a grid. They are deeply aggravated by electrical transformers. If these lines cross in your home, and they will in almost every home, and you spend a lot of time where they cross, such as in your bed or at your desk, they can make you very sick.

Geomancy has known about these lines of energy for a very long time, and has found ways to deal with them. You can, for example, with the Hartmann lines, make a copper wire into an "omega" symbol, place it in the ground in a certain way and it will divert the Hartmann flow of energy so that you are not effected by it. Or, you can simply program into your merkaba/lightbody that these negative lines of force (and any other unknown lines) will flow around your merkaba....and they will.

You many find that the EMF (electro-magnetic fields) that are being broadcast all over the world are not good for you. At this moment, millions of beepers, telephone calls, radio stations, TV stations, police radar, microwave stations, etc., are passing through the center of your head. You
can stop this with a simple program to your merkaba.

These are examples of specific "male-type" programming. You give "specific" instructions....and you can word them any way you want. Remember....your merkaba is alive and conscious...and will know what you are programming
into it.


Here no one can tell you what to do. there is no right or wrong way. It is simply flowing with what is in balance with nature. A female program could go something like this: "Through my intimate connection with God and All Life Everywhere, I program my merkaba/lightbody to protect me and give to me whatever I need." It is never specific. It never defines exactly or anticipates what will happen. It will accept the good and the bad as lessons in life. The female way knows that Creation is perfect.


The child programming is both. It primarily depends on the Female Programming, but at the same time may use specific male programming also. When the child wants something specific, it will cry to get it and be specific, but as a general rule, the child trusts life.


This way is really no way at all. Its philosophy is: "The greatest defense is no defense at all." In fact even this is statement too much. The Witness will not respond to anything that happens in creation. It is "part" of creation, but not "in" creation. Throughout Creation, this part of
consciousness is by far the largest part. Most of life is just a witness. We as humans partaking in "Good and Evil Consciousness" are in a position that cannot really understand the truth of the witness. For almost everyone
on earth, the first three options are all that we have.


You, and only you, can choose what is appropriate for you to do. No matter what happens, your spirit is immortal and is intimately connected to God.You really have nothing to worry about for the Creation is whole, complete
and perfect.