Introduction of Ashtar Command members

Lord Sananda

Many lightworker groups call Jesus Jesus-Sananda, or Sananda. It's hisprimary energetic name. Jesus was the name of one 3rd dimensional incarnation. Some reference Sananda with Christ too. Jesus of Nazareth or Jeshua Ben Josef. Incarnation of Sananda, beside the Appolonius of Tyana, which followed and was another aspect of Jesus-Sananda.


Like stated before the Ashtar-Command is a multi-alien or extraterrestrial culture agreement, in which beings join energetically based on the same goal:
"We of the Brotherhood of Light, and we who serve in the Intergalactic Fleets and Cosmic Federation Councils, come fort to bring you knowledge for a most eventful and confusing transition..."

What is meant is the Shift or Ascension from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th Dimension.

Commander Ashtar Sheran is the Head of the Ashtar-Command. He is a 6th to 8th dimension being, energetically connected to Venus. Earlier he was entitled Commander, which wasn't a hierachical title, more a way to express respect toward him.

The following entities are strongly connected to and associated with
the Ashtar-Command. Different groups received channelings, i.e., theosophical groups and other groups as the I AM movement and "Light-Worker" groups.
It may not sound surprising that the most of the channeled entities are incarnated today in physical bodies. Their presences are painted mostly with clothes, which means they were perceived with attachments of physical forms - this has changed in some cases, since some 3rd dimensional embodied beings of the Ashtar-Command became conscious of their 5th dimensional presences.

He is/was one who used to communicate very frequently with channelers, i.e.,
groups in the USA communicated daily with him. In these sessions he gave a huge amount of information, mainly related in order to stabilize the etheric Earth-grid.