The Greys - Unbiased
The Greys, but the 'good guys'!!!

As I just re- discovered the reason why I came here in the first place, a starseed, originating from the Pleiades, having lived quite a number of lives here, to become a Lightworker now, I am extremely busy learning. At night, and sometimes during quiet moments in the daytime, I travel to my families' ships to learn, and (re) establish contacts.

Whenever I have a moment to spare in the daytime I read, I ask, I talk, and receive channellings.

My first conscious contact with a so-called Alien, was with one of the people commonly referred to as Greys. This was about a year ago. And this is exactly where I found myself at a loss while searching written information. I almost ONLY read nasty stuff about this race. And on behalf of this lady, whom my sister Galimai-a and myself have still regular contact with, it is I write this piece.

Ofcourse I first was suspicious, when she first made herself seen here. I also knew of the nasty abduction stories, I heard about implants and forcefully taking eggs from women's ovaries or seed from men. But she stood there, insisting she was not of that race. The 'bad guys' are not silvery grey, like herself and her benign people, but a dull brownish grey, like all the spiritual light has gone from them. And that is exactly what has happened. The dull brown race doesn't even live on the original planet anymore, where all the 'Greys' used to live united, but instead, after a great and bloody war, left to live on another planet, where they are closely Guarded by the Ashtar Command.

The silvery Grey people were NEVER the ones abducting and torturing Earthmen. They were the ones fiercely against that. Our visitor comes from a very distinctive spiritually and telepathically highly evolved family whose purpose only was to quietly research and go about their way, not disturbing human life and destiny in any shape or form.

Up until recently they have never officially sought membership of the Ashtar Command, but after this one lady spent approximately one year here to learn, her people sought and received membership. This was done in a ceremony in which both my sister and I were present. If I would have had my physical body with me, I would have cried with joy.

She, and because of their constant and firm link to the rest of her people, the whole race itself, became radiantly silver and white. Now they look a bit like moonlight is shining upon their skins, but then all the time! And in the midst of that 'moonlight' you can see their wonderfully colourful souls. They are well on their way to become like the Arcturians; in fact they are the Arcturian's family.

So, please, who ever writes about the Greys' from now on, please realize that the spiritually developed part of this race has taken its place in the order of things to help humanity. The cold ones are existing somewhere else now, where they are allowed to develop, just like all of humankind had and has to, until their consciousness, spirituality and levels of vibrations are high enough again to be admitted into the realms of, for instance the Ashtar Command. But that will take a long, long time yet.

My sister and myself have been given the assignment to help people to get rid of implants forced on them by the brownish-greys. As quite some people are already taking care of the implants in the etheric body, our main focus is on the physical ones. When we treat someone, however, we 'take care' of both kind of implants in one.

Ofcourse the malevolent race tries to intervene whenever they can, not seldomly using mind control on their implanted victim. However, serving with the Ashtar Command, and making use of our own capabilities, we have no fear, and proceed. Whenever it is possible we plant crystals in places designated to us, to give extra enlightenment to the inhabitants of the house, and also eliminating the possibility for the brown-greys to establish a gateway. This possibility is becoming harder and harder anyway, as more portholes are being closed, as the New Age is dawning on Earth.

We interact with our visitor a lot. We learnt a lot form each other. She told us she came to us, because first of all my sister is extremely spiritually gifted, and secondly we had experienced the affects and effects of war, like she and her family did. We discovered we had a lot in common. She came to understand a bit of the concept of humour, and learnt to express and literally radiate her soul, her essence being, which is full of love. We learnt to overcome our petty biases, and started to understand more about how her race evolved the way it did.

In many ways, Gene Roddenberry, father of the Star Trek Series, who received lots of channellings and was in close contact with a lot of Alien races, has described their story best in the ones of the Vulcans and the Borg.

The whole of the 'grey s' population started out as being like the Vulcans, very strongly emotional which went out of hand more often than not. After many smaller and bigger wars, sort of like the ones here, they decided to develop ways to control and even suppress these emotions. And as you can see with the Vulcans, the result was a seemingly emotionless race, where spirituality was only used for the purpose of emotion control and suppression.

Real trouble started when a group decided it was over and done with, and cast away all that. They quickly evolved into people functioning like the Borg, one telepathic mind, set out to live out the long suppressed aggression, hunger for power and so on. With a 'resistance is futile' attitude and technical means, they embarked upon plenty of journeys to Earth. We were easy targets, as we never believed in UFO's. And everyone who came up with a UFO story was thrown into a mental institution anyway. So, easy come, easy go!

These actions caused great uprising and anxiety among the ones who were fiercely against all this, and choose to stick to the old ways. Therefore the colours of the two races began to differ, the disagreements also until the point of war.

Their great war was an extremely nasty one, in which the brownish counterparts tried to 'assimilate' the benign part of the race with all nasty means possible. Our visitor showed us some of the things that happened during that war, and really, it was ten times worse then Roddenberry was allowed to show. It made me shudder to my core.

Eventually, the benign side won, but also realized they had to retrieve what they had lost along the way, their emotions! But this time they wanted to do it right. Not by means of suppressing, but by means of understanding emotions and dealing with them just like we on earth are busy doing.

Only the Silver kind had some means to accelerate their progress: telepathic contact, and space travelling. And so, our house has one, sometimes more regular visitors.

We have showed one another how we coped with all kinds of feelings. Recently, when our dog got very sick and died shortly after, she asked me if she could 'feel with me'. Which I agreed to. She has done the same for us, and in the midst of all that, we unknowingly became part of the process that 'healed' the Greys.

As time progresses, and more people are able to recognize the silver Grey Zeta Reticulae inhabitants as part of the advanced spiritual races, myself and Galimai-a will receive channellings for us to pass on. So, you will definitely hear from us in the future!

With love,


With the loving assistance of my sister Galimai-a, our visitors and the Ashtar

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