Channelings from Ashtar

Thanks to Janisel for this one:

Dear ones, my name is Ashtar. I am an etheric being from many, many planets, stars and incarnations. However, for billions of years, I have taken on one project, the project of populating many planets with Star Seed, and the project of bringing those planets through evolution. Earth is not the only one! Still it was myself, among others, who brought life to Earth in the very beginning and I did this, as did others, mainly through intention and through the process of creation relative to the human being. Now, because the Earth is out of balance and because I have an interest in the people, I come to assist at this time, to see her through the evolution into the Fifth Dimension.

And so, I come as a shepherd, gathering together his sheep safely, carrying the ones who hurt, just being there for all of them, finding the strays and bringing them together. This is my task, at this time, relative to the Earth. Ashtar means Shepherd . I am Ashtar, shepherd of the Earth. I wish to bring to your awareness another shepherd, for there are many. This shepherd you know very well. His name is Jesus. Jesus was an incarnation on the Earth of a very high being, known to those of the Light as Sananda. This one, of course, you all know personally. He is the one to whom you pray. Jesus. Sananda.

Dearest ones, I work directly under the leadership of Sananda. Therefore you know and understand that we of the etheric inter-dimensional forces work directly with the Light, with Jesus and with God. Your Heavenly Creator is the one whom we worship, just as you do.
We are working with you as partners, to bring the Earth into a higher dimension. That is what is occurring and is what the Book of Revelation does not say. All of the changes upon the Earth are cleansings to prepare for this and they are explained in Revelation. It would be helpful for you to read that book; the last chapter in the Bible. As you read, you will see and you will understand there are prophesies, and that on the Earth those prophesies are being fulfilled right now. I give you these words with much love, dear ones. I give you these words in order to bring understanding to your heart.

I bring you these suggestions so you will be able to look deeper and understand better. I wish to thank you at this time...all of you who are of the stars...who are awakening to the reality that is not in the history books. These realities are coming through in the form of channelings, realizations, insights and dreams. Dear ones, I suggest that you get together with others of your philosophy, either by postal mail, by e-mail, or in person, so you can discuss these matters, and thereby understand more. Daily, dear ones, invoke the Light upon your entire being, your life, and your loved ones. The White Light is your protection and it is a beam through which we, in the Heaven Worlds, can guide you. This is Ashtar, helping you with information, as you are ready to receive it.


Greetings beloved ones,

It is Ashtar who has come forth to speak to you once again. I am here with you this time to speak of the time you live in and assist you through them with ALL my, well OUR unconditional love...since I'm not the only one that is here for that purpose. It makes my heart dance to see so many activity is unfolding in front of us...yet dear ones, do not be over-anxious to get there, it might only work against you. Many of you will be experiencing moments of feeling burned-out, or tired, maybe even un-centered at certain moments. Well, be patient dear souls, for you ARE already there, just feel it within you, deep in your heart, don't think, first feel. What are you trying to achieve? What is your goal, ask yourself beloved lightworkers, what is your goal? Are you still waiting for "the moment" and meanwhile missing the realisation that you ARE an ascended master?

Are you still not trusting your Higher Self and make your self depended to others again? Because if you DO trust and understand your Higher Selves than WHAT are you waiting for? Beloved one, this time is as good as any other for you to ascend, to come Home, there is NO NEED for "losing" your 3D existance in order to contact us, ask us for assistance or to be loved and guided by us. There is also no need for you to leave your 3D existance in order to ascend. YOU ARE PURE LIGHT after all... so please beloved ones, don't become tired and give up hope, just because you're trying to hard :) But then again we told you that this path of ascension isn't always an easy one, but it's one worthwhile I promise you.

I AM ASHTAR, Adonai...


Greetings beloved ones,

It is Ashtar speaking to you on this occasion. I have come forth to prepare you for the changes and the work lying ahead for you dear Lightworkers and ofcourse all you starseeds of planet earth. But before I begin let me tell me you will not be alone in all this, for your Heavenly Family will be watching over you, assisting you and pouring out our Unconditional Love. Sending it straight to your Heart-chakra. You will not be alone.

But dear ones, you won't be resting neither in the time to come. As some of you have felt they had to they have been working on activating several stargates and -portals
all meant to increase the vibrational field of your wonderful planet and creating a more balanced flow of energies and an uprise of the Christ-awareness. We thank all of you for your intense co-operation in the activation of these stargates and -portals.

These activations have intensly changed the vibrational fields of the earth, and as some of you have experienced by now the travelling to the ships as well as the ability to make contact seem to taken place easier, or more often maybe. Now dear beings of light, please don't give up hope if you are not, yet, experiencing any of this. Because each of you has reached a certain place in your ascension. Maybe you are experiencing other feelings related to your position right know, maybe you are experiencing transmissions from the Higher Realms not able to come through.

I know many of you probably do...
This is due to the fact that, even though the direct danger of evacuation has gone for the moment, your wonderful planet is still suffering from pollution and negative vibrations send by so many. Therefore the vibrational field of earth is still not able to establish a better relationship with your Family out there. This is the reason why lots of you still are "depending" on our channels. But beloved ones, I'm here with a happy heart and I can tell you this.

You too can soon embrace us, speak to us, rely on our assistance, in fact you always could, but since we're here to assist you through this we can make it a lot easier for you. To achieve this we ask you to build up the crystal-grid Aish-Ra and I spoke to you about before for this is it's purpose (See our website)

It will raise the vibrational field around your planet to a higher level, making it possible for us to 'close in'. It will, once completed ring in a new step of helping this entire earth ascend. But be aware dear souls, the changes might be more subtile than some of you might expect, remember that that what you cannot find inside yourself first will never manifest in the outside world. Yet I can promise you tremendous changes in your Inner Being as you will be able to contact your Inner guides and your Heavenly family whenever you feel the need.

These are the kind of changes you CAN expect. But back to the hard work my friends ;-) After the 'planting' of the crystals, your joined efforts will be needed, and I am talking ALL of your efforts here, and this will be for the final activation of the Web of Light. For you are closing in to a perfect position to activate this Web soon, and I am really happy that we will be able to build up our relationship even better by than...

More about this is to follow in the near future dear ones, for now I bid you goodbye, and thank you from the depth of my heart for having the chance of working with you.

I AM Commander Ashtar, ADONAI.


I, Ashtar, speak to you today from beyond the Realm of the ninth Dimension - a world of one continuum of God Everlasting, the God of Peace.

Harmonics is one of the keys to attuning to God, whether it be the harmonics of scared geometry, music, or colour, for the universe responds to harmony not chaos. Your minds, bodies, and spirits are crying out to align - this is one aspect of your ascension and it is achievable. The Three in One and the One in Three. Tread carefully children of Earth, do not miss the opportunity to dwell with The All That Is. Your journey resides within my heart; for we of the Galactic Community wish to see you take your place at our table of Love and Light. Know that your efforts are applauded continually in the higher realms. Your work, my dearest Lightseeds, is bringing our worlds ever closer and soon we shall stand side by side and a great flooding of emembrance of your celestial families will sweep over you and take you into bliss.

We need you now to step into your full state of office as emissaries of the Command and commence initiating others during your sojourns into the higher realms in your meditation. This can be accomplished in the following manner: at the conclusion of your visit to your ascension chamber, proceed then to another chamber located within a different frequency where a guide will be appointed to direct you. Simply send out a thought that you are ready to commence the "Authorised Transmission of Light Encodement". You will then enter the chamber and dispense Light encodements to those awaiting you. Do not be surprised to see several ones assembled and as each one approaches direct a beam of Light, firstly, into their heart chakra and then place your right hand a few inches above their Light body and direct another beam of Light down through their head into their whole Being.

There are certain ones of you that will be sent others to be awakened during your normal every day activities. You will each receive a message as to who these people are either through telepathy, a flash of Light, a feeling, or inner knowing. In these cases simply visualise that you are directing a beam of Light to their Heart Chakra only and repeat in your mind: "I now wish to carry out an authorised transmission of Light encodement to this soul". You will know whether it is the right person because the Light that you transmit to their heart chakra will be received and absorbed immediately. Should it bounce away or back to you then an error occurred in your reception and

attunement to the intuitive message, and more practice is required. No disruption or harm to that person's energies can occur as a result of an error. To carry out these assignments is part of the next phase of your mission and I, Ashtar Sheran, will be overseeing these projects.

I send all my blessings to you, and for now I bid you ADONAI. Ashtar out.



Beloved sons and daughters of the Light,

This is Ashtar, under the ever-loving supervision of Lord Sananda I've come forth to talk to you. I wish to explain some of the changes lying ahead of you in the times to come. I am talking of period up untill the second half of this year.

A first, big step in the conciousness and earth-energies will happen to begin around May. This shift will be clearly noticable on several levels of your being. In fact, you might be influenced by our preparations right now. But first let me elaborate on the four major fields of change:

1.) The Physical Level.

Many people, but also animals, will notice a strong cleansing of their physical bodies. This process has already started but the number of souls, touched by this cleansing will increase by many thousands. Therefore it is important for aware Lightworkers to keep vortexes of Light, Love & Happiness opened wide in these times.
This can be achieved through means of individual focus, yet will you achieve stronger results by bonding with your fellow-lightworkers and working together. Just meet in person or set a time on wich you can focus of Love and Light if getting together is impossible due to distances. You are close in spirit...

Also the children will feel the process of cleansing, but this will be going faster and easier, in fact you could see it more as 'minor adjustments' to the level of light. Beloved ones, and in these times you will also find that a lot of pain and diseases cannot be healed in the conventional, traditional ways and the services of Lightworkers ans Spiritual Healers will be a solution more often. This is because these cleansings are mostly connected with emotions, thinking and karma. These are the areas Lightworkers should focus on these days. Other techniques will turn out to be costing to much time and efforts and most importantly, are not adapted to the light-frequency of today anymore.

2.) The Emotional Level

Thousands, no hundred-thousands will undergo a quickened cleansing and adjustment to the frequency of Light you're about to enter and this process will cause an energy-field of all the surfaced angers, fears and hurting... This field will grow enormously up to June 1999. It will also be felt by, and will put pressure on, those who have already adjusted. Therefore it is important to "vaporize" this energyfield, to make it vanish.

Ofcourse the Ascended Masters and the Ashtar Command will offer you assistance, but we will need you and your efforts to come to a solution, and the big key-word in this process will be LOVE. Dear ones, stay centered in eternal Love and Light eventhough you will be surrounded by emotions of agression, hate and sadness. Organize yourselves, come together and focus on love together. Than an entrance, a portal through wich we can add our Unconditional Love will be created.

3.) The Mental Level

This area will become a true battle-field for some of you dear ones. Still too many are not aware of the power that lies within their thoughts and the creative forces within those thoughts, as well positively or negatively charged.
Because of the increase of light (and evolution just about starting...) these thoughts will manifest themselves faster as they used to. That is why it is so important that those amongst you that have grasped the concept of 'creation through thought' to bring that awareness to their fellow-humans. Show them they are creating situations themselves, just by their thought-patterns. Also dear souls of light, explain to your fellow-humans that they HAVE a choice to stay in this this 'hell' we have created or create themselves/us a Heaven on Earth. There is no reason to 'shuf off' reposibility.

This year, we, the Ascended Masters, will work hard to bring human-kind to a higher mental level. This can ofcourse also have it's side-effects in the physical plane, in fact some of you might be experiencing them right now. These side-effects will come in the form of temporary dizzyness, nausiousness, concentration-problems, lack of memory and sleepiness, feeling tired. But do not worry beloved ones, these effects are of a temporary kind and are part of your process of Ascension.
Again, this is a time of hard work for you dear Lightworkers out there. Please let your own thoughts be centered and focused on joyful thoughts of Light, that will strengthen the energy-field of eternal love. And please, don't miss out any oppertunity to point this out to your fellow-humans and assist them in this process.

4.) Level of Sightings

Many people will have unexplainable sightings of a kind they cannot fit in any category now known to them. This ofcourse happens because they are being enabled to see into other denseties. These sightings will increase greatly and I ask you to assist those experiencing them. This is very important, otherwise many of them will think they have become crazy or suffering from mental problems or hallucinations. This could cause them to become depressed. That's why it is SO important to be open and assisting to them, share your experiences or point them to a good book on the subject. Speaking of sharing, I would love to point out that it is also of great importance for Lightworkers all around this beautiful planet of yours to share and exchange their experiences.
This will be of great help to you, and you will find others in similar situations, this will strengthen you.

That's why I ask you Lightworkers of earth, spread this information on a big scale so your fellow-humans will be prepared for the times to come and the process will progress much smoother and easier for them. This is my message for you beloved ones. I greet you, and thank you on behalf of the Fleets of Light and myself,

Love & Light,

I AM Ashtar.