Latest Transmission from Ashtar Command

Greetings my dear friends,

It is I, Ashtar and I'm happy to join you at this time. I hope you had a great crystal planting and ofcourse a wonderful solar eclipse.
Many of you have been asking questions about the earthquakes and tornadoes that have been active on your planet these days. And ofcourse I will address those questions in this session, amongst others that is, because friends, there's more important news.

As you probably might have heard by now, more and more earth-based commanders start to awaken. And many of them join us regularly aboard of the Lightships, where they are briefed and ofcourse they will new techniques to do their work as not only commanders but also as lightworkers in the first place. Well dear friends, since you are a planet of Light, know that this means letting go of everything that actually holds back that process. And you might not really be aware of this but many people are still held back by implants in their physical or etherical bodies, left there by negative alien visitors, the group you refer to as the greys.

It is therefore important that those implants will be removed from your bodies, so that your light-quotient can increase and adjust to the higher vibrations your planet now holds. Many of you beloved ones, have been complaining of tiredness and feeling empty after the events of the solar eclipse and the Grand Cross. Some of those feelings can be generated by implants you carry that start to bother you just now. You probably didn't feel or notice them earlier since the light-level was not on that vibration, so they were not activated so to speak… Well now we are working to resolve this with our commanders on your earth, and many other lightworkers around.

Now to the definite earth-changes that have been happening on your planet, and I'm referring to the big earthquakes in Turkey and the tornadoes building up before many coastlines here. Some of you might have been wondering whether or not these events could have anything to do with the predictions of Nostradamus. Let me say this, you could say these events are connected in some way but they're not a direct result.

And beloved ones, let me also say this again, Nostradamus lived in very depressing, sad times, without much Light around. When he predicted the "end of the world" he was merely foreseeing the event of your ascension, and the up-lifting of vibrations of Light (he interpreted it as 'fire') on your planet.
Indeed friends he saw the end of the world as he knew it and filled these ideas in with his own situation in the Dark Ages. A time of hunger and death… Instead of seeing what was actually meant: A new beginning, A New Age.

This brings forth many changes, and one of the biggest changes probably will be the change in karmic laws for you. For moving towards the higher dimension, karma will shift from the regular karma, we have spoken of many times before, into a, let us say, instant karma. Meaning that the action/reaction-process of karma will not wait for, for example the next live, to return. Rather it will reflect immediately. This is what also happens on a cosmic level now dearest friends. Instant karma.

This could also allow these changes. Your Mother Earth is breathing again, and she chose to do this loudly. I hope you understand that this is a necessary thing, and not meant to spread fear, but rather to let humanity become aware of their position in the universe. But do not fear, we are here to assist you and to comfort you whenever you ask us to. And didn't we tell you the road we have to travel together might be a rocky one?

In Oneness with the Light,

I AM Ashtar,



Beloved Ones,

The time has now arrived to activate the Crystal Grid and to open the 4th
Gateway. What a joy it is for us, to see so many of you, just anxiously awaiting to move ahead, on to the higher planes of existence.
Friends, know that the activation of the crystal grid will not mean the end of this project, your magnificent Web of Light.

It is merely the beginning. I am here to tell you, that after the grid's activation the Web of Light still can be expanded. For we have left the opportunity to "plug in" additional crystals to the grid, you see. These crystals, after they have been activated, will immediately function as beacons of light. But that's in the future dear ones, so let us now focus our energies on the Crystal Grid.

Beloved ones, take your time to prepare. Go to your chosen location of planted crystals. You can also choose to actually plant a crystal on the activation itself. If you do so, charge this crystal with Universal Love and Light first. If you, however, already planted crystals, try to find the actual location of this planting and then please, take a moment to center yourself. Keep a close watch on your breathing… breathe deeply and peacefully. Feel your lungs slowly filling up with the Golden Light of the Great Central Sun…

Experience this for a brief moment…
When you are really filled with the Divine Light you may call upon your
I AM-Presence, the Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, the Elohim, Lord Sananda, the Order of Melchizedek and ofcourse your own personal guides to assist you with the Lightwork you're about to participate in. Dearest friends, know that we are here for you, to assist you and embrace you with our brotherly, infinite love. On to the real work now…

You might have felt your chakra-system adjusting during your breathing exercise, but some of your chakras might need some extra fine-tuning.
Feel your chakra-system, feel each single chakra, one by one, starting with the red basis-chakra, and go up to crown-chakra. Dear ones, know that you've done this before, now please let your seven chakras blend together so to speak, just above your crown-chakra, floating above your head. See these 7 rainbow-colors merge into the brightest white light, see it getting shape, diamond-like… Dear ones, you might be familiar with your diamond-chakra, and in case you are not: Congratulations! You have just activated it!
Now imagine this bright white diamond slowly spinning above your crown-chakra. Beloved friends, now you can experience a cleansing coming directly from the Source. See the golden rays of the Great Central Sun that fall into the beautiful diamond-shape above you, and imagine that ray breaking into the 7 Divine Rays. At this point you can call upon the assistance of the Elohim. You will be literally showered by the Light of the Source, the Great Creator. Feel the worries and your feelings of insecurity, incompleteness, and fear drift away into the Earth.

That is where your Divine Mother will wash them away. For it is now time for you to fully awaken, to Trust and depend on your Lightworker-self, your I AM-Presence. Thank the Earth for everything and connect yourselves to the strong earth-energies emanating from her crystalline core. Concentrate yourselves on the infinite love your Mother Earth feels for you. Accept it, and let it flow right into your Heart-Center. You might also become aware of some feelings during this process that translate as sadness. Know that these are the sufferings that your wonderful planet had to go through.

Dearest ones, that is what will change now that you and your Earth are standing on the rim of becoming a true Planet of Light. When you feel that you are really connected to, as well the energies from your planets crystalline core as well as the cleansing rays of the Great Central Sun… and please do take some time to experience, undergo this… we can move forward to the next step of the activation. Friends, call upon the Most Radiant One, Lord Sananda, for this part of your Lightwork. He has brought to you the gift of the Crystalline Rose…

Well now, try to visualize this Rose, appearing just slightly above the ground where the crystal(s) is (are) planted. Now you can re-direct the energies flowing through you, onto the planted crystal(s). Please friends,
Begin with the energies from within your beautiful planet. See the Crystalline Rose being filled with the bright white light emerging from within your Mother Earth. Now you can re-direct the Golden Light from the Central Sun by simply letting your diamond-chakra hover towards the planted crystal(s) so to speak. See it right there over the Crystalline Rose, and see the Golden Light break into the 7 Divine Rays, and experience the rainbow-colors dancing around on the Roses surface.

Well dear ones, this Rose will bind the energies, melt them together in a way… Once the energies have merged the Crystalline Rose can be used as a vehicle. Yes dear ones, it will function like the Mer-K'ha-Ba in some way, or like our Lightships. Let your lightbody flow into the Crystalline Rose. Now the actual activation of the Crystal Web of Light has more or less taken place dear friends! Now you can emerge within the Crystalline Rose, you can "jump" or "fly" if you please, to the other planted crystals all over your beautiful Earth. Go at least once around, and more if you please, connecting with the other locations of planted crystals.

Know that Lightworkers all around your globe are doing the same… Once you have returned to your own location, you will see that the entire planet is waved into a network of Light, and the planted crystals are its connections. Experience the infinite energy of Love and Light filling up your Mother Earth's crystalline core. Know in your heart that you have become a Planet of Light, Know while you see it before you, that you will always be able to use the Crystal Grid from now on, anytime you feel the need to connect with us, the Realms of Light or your Fellow-Lightworkers. See your achievements dear ones, and anchor them into your reality, into your consciousness by speaking the words…


I AM Ashtar Sheran, greeting you as an Official Planet of Light, Adonai…


Greetings dear ones,

I AM Commander Ashtar, and I'm here to speak to you on the behalf of The Most Radiant One, Lord Sananda and The Brotherhood of Light. And please friends, let you remind you once again that I speek to you out of pure Love for you and your world, but please understand I am not demanding anything, this message is brought to you out of friendship and my free will. And it all depends on your free will what you will do with it, and anyway you choose to resonate to this message is perfectly alright.

After all, you are a devine being, you know what is meant for you and what's not, and the time has come for you dearest lightworkers to completely rely on your heart-centers to "filter-out" the information meant for you. The time has come to perfectly trust the capabilities you, that devine spark so to speak. And friends I am here to tell you the light-level you are carrying now, is about to increase even more in the times to come, and this will finally make you fully aware beings of Light, Masters of yourself and your reality, as you call us Masters of ours. Now believe me, we are just as anxious awaiting this day as anyone of all of you, every single one of you awakening into the Christ-conciousness, the Universal Laws of the All, is a reason for us to celebrate. Just as it should be for you.

Celebrate your life and become fully aware of your devine spark. Many of you have been asking about the events that are about to occur on the day that the planets of your solar system will form the "Grand Cross". On the day that your scientists accurately predicted a solar eclipse, there will be no darkness on the spiritual level my dear friends, for it will be a wonderfull day. The alignment of the planets creates the perfect conditions to open a new portal, a gateway that will bring many of you dear spirits to, let me say, the "next level" of your ascension.

But please, do not expect this to happen with a lot of noise, because you might spend wasting time waiting for something that is already there. These atunements are fine adjustments rather, to the increased light-level of your wonderfull planet, and thus you, dearest lightworkers. Some of you will be able to "look in to" the other dimension, some of you will be able to channel more frequently and more important more clearly, some of you will discover their ability to heal, or those of you that are already working as a healer will find their work will happen easier, lighter so to speak.

You will however experience subtle, gentle changes in your energy-fields. That is why, friends, we asked you to establish the Crystal Web of Light around your beautiful Earth. I ask you now, so you have time to arrange it, lightworkers around the world, please assist us in opening this portal by joining in a worldwide visualisation. I will gladly assist you in this and bring you more advise of how to go about in this mission in the near future. After all, and I said this before, you can always call on us for assistance and guidance and Love, but please be aware of the fact that we are also relying on you, learning from you just the same. That is why your assistance will be, and is, appreciated.

And this, dear ones, is also the reason it is so important for you, the Ground-Crew to connect with eathother. Do not misunderstand me, for you are already doing great, and a lot of you lead busy lives, something that comes along with choosing the path of the lightworker. Your "bonding" can be experienced not only on the 3rd dimensional level, but more importantly on a higher dimensional level. Meet in spirit and join efforts and you will notice the subtile changes and greater successes that will come along through working with a group-spirit. Well beloved ones, I will leave you now, and am looking forward to our next meeting, untill then, I send you my infinite Love.


I AM Ashtar.