Chakras of the 3rd, 4th & fith dimension
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In the etherical body, as you probably know are rotating energy-centers, tornado-shaped, their task is it to take energy from the cosmos in to your being and bring that energy to the spot in you, where it's needed. Ofcourse I'm refering to the chakra-system here...

Chakra is sanskrite and means 'wheel' of 'disc'. Because of the continous rotation of the chakras, energy is being attracted and released, in a never-ending energy exchange with the cosmos, the 'ALL'.
Our chakras serve as recievers, transformators and distributers of Prana (or Chi) the Universal Lifeforce. That's the reason we can exist. If there is one (or more) chakra(s) is not functioning in balance -meaning it will either absorb to much energy or maybe release to much- this can lead to the situation that the other chakras become out of balance as well. This disharmony between the chakras can (and often _IS_) be the source or the reason for mental and physical illness.
This would be (mostly) in the area where the unbalanced chakra is positioned. Untill recently we have been thought that there were 7 main-chakras aligning in our etherical body, namely the following:

The first chakra is connected with survival, strength and basic 'being', it's position near the rectum, at the end of the spinal chord. The first chakras colour is a firey red and connected to the red ray. (See Invocations at the bottom of this page)

The second chakra is connected with emotions, creativity and sexuality. Our 'basic needs' so to speak. It's postioned at genital-hight and its colour is orange and therefore associated to the orange ray.

The third chakra is the chakra of will-power and metabolic energies. It is positioned at the Plexus Solaris (Near stomach). The colour of the third chakra is yellow, connected to the yellow ray of light.

The forth chakra is our Heart-chakra. And you might've guessed it's position:
Near the heart. It's therefore connected with love and feelings. The colour of the Heart-chakra is Green and ofcourse associated with the green ray.

The fifth chakra is the chakra of communication and fine-tuned creativity. It's positioned near the throat. It's colour is a turquoise-blue. The fifth chakra is associated with the blue ray.

The sixth chakra is connected to clear-voyance, mediatation, intuition and spirituality in general. This chakra is also called "The Third Eye" and is positioned on your forehead, right between your physical eyes. The colour and ray associated with the sixth chakra is indigo.

The seventh chakra is connected to knowledge and insights. It is the last chakra to be literally connected with our physical bodies. The colour of this chakra is purple.

As you might have noticed the colours of the chakras are similar with the colours of the prisma or a rainbow. And similar to a prisma, when all these colours are turning in perfect harmony, a bright white light is formed.This bright white light is forming the EIGHTH CHAKRA! This chakra that has been forgotten in so many writings about auras and chakras is the last step of your physical, 3D, body. Chakra 8 is positioned a little above your head it is diamond-shaped. This chakra is also called the "Throne of the Soul" It's through this chakra that we connect with our Higher Selves in order to recieve guidance and Light. It's the "portal" to our 4th and 5th dimensional bodies.
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