More on 4th & 5th dimensional chakras
More On 4th & 5th Dimensional Chakras

Chakras of the 4th and 5th Dimension

When we expand from our three-dimensional being in the direction of the fouth dimension, the first seven chakra's will shift towards our legs. Chakras of the third dimension are related to the solid, physical plane. The fourth dimensional chakras are related to the solid and the higher planes of light.
They connect us. On a personal and a cosmic level. This means that when our fourth dimensional chakras are opened, we have the possibility to communicate and work on an inter-galatic level.

The fifth dimensional chakras are existant of pure light. When the first seven chakras have shifted towards the legs, the 'next' seven will descend into your body, one by one will they take there positions. (The 9th chakra will take the position of the 1st (or base-) chakra, and so on...)


The 9th chakra,

positioned in the basic center is beautifully pearl-like white,
this is the chakra of joy. When this chakra starts to open, it lets each and every cell of our body glow with light and love. When our lifes are anchored with "joy and satisfaction" rather that the "quest for survival" it will srengthen our trust and friendliness. WE ARE Light!

On a galactic level this chakra takes us out of this earths atmosphere and from there we get the chance to 're-connect' with our wonderful planet again, and through this we become the earth's proctectors, guardians so to speak.
It lets us realize the fact we truely are beings given actual responsibility.

The 10th chakra,

Descends in to the 2nd chakras original position. It emmits a bright pinkish-orange coloured radiance and has the function to keep our male and female energies in harmony. Once these energies are harmonized this chakra opens fully, and this keeps us in tune with our soul.
The activating of the 10th chakra enables us to reach out to the our Solar system. So we can send out light and love and take an active part in the healing-process of this planet.

The 11th chakra,

Will ofcourse be positioned in the Plexus Solaris and is pure, bright golden in colour. Gold is the colour of wisdom, it means trust and power. When the golden chakra of the fourth dimension opens, we will experience intense feelings of relaxation, wisdom and calmness, no matter in which situation your surroundings are at said moment.
The 11th chakra is a galactic chakra, if this chakra descends and opens you could also feel the need to share, to meditate in a group, to connect together with the universe.

The 12th chakra,

Is positioned in your heart-center, and its colour is a soft etheric pink. It is the christened heart-energy and it opens if we 'enlighten'. Here is where the Christ-conciousness is throned, so you will understand as soon as we activate the 12th chakra, we will exist in Unconditional love and being able to instantly opening the heart-chakras of those close to us. This chakra will connect us to the rest of the universe.

The 13th chakra,

Will descend into the position of the 5th chakra. The 13th chakra is deepblue-indigo coloured. When this chakra is working in harmony more psychic and spiritual energies will be available for us. We open channels of healing and will be able to help others on a physical and mental plane. This chakra will let us help us srengthen our abilities of mediumship. Once activated it will enable us to communicate with higher-dimensional beings like the Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters and/or Archangels.
This chakra is connected with an immense awareness of our own power and ability.

The 14th chakra,

Is postioned at the Third Eye. It is transparent golden/white. This chakra when it descends, makes our mind directly focussed on the Divine Plan. Our thoughts will be of a purer, higher vibration. We will be really
in ONENESS with the Creator, or God so you wish. We now can change karma and will be able to connect with the higher art of clear-voyance and devinations and the ability to connect more intensly with the Ascended Masters and Ashtar Command

The 15th chakra,

Is white and violet in colour. When this chakra descends into our Crown-center, then are we fully merged with our souls or our Higher Self. It is then we get guidance and instruction from our Light Being.


These are the chakras belonging to our Light-Being and they emmit Pure Light. There are ofcourse also seven 5th dimensional chakras, these would be chakras 16 to 22, as for now I may only speak about the first set of three (16 to 18) although Ashtar told me they will be there for every one soon. Well, here is what he told me about the first three:

The 16th chakra,

Is platina-coloured, it gives service based to a solid spiritual background.

The 17th chakra,

Is platina and magenta in colour. This chakra will let us really feel the ONENESS with the Source, with All That Is, the worlds of flora and fauna and our deep connection with mankind.

The 18th chakra,

Is deep golden combined with prisma-colours (rainbow).
It enables us to use our wisdom en power in service of the One.

If you meditate on the above chakras, you will eventually be able to identify their energy and open them faster, and learn to use them more effective.