Chrystal Activation
A wonderful moment of synchronicity has occurred!

I did send one of my channelings to the AC-mailinglist on Spiritweb and to the Australian channel Soltec. Little did I know what would happen! The message seemed to resonate very well with conversations Soltec (Whom I did NOT know at the time)had with Ashtar and the Command. The following was published in Soltecs ACC Newsletter nr.4:

"When I (Soltec) first began the ACC website, Ashtar revealed to me a number of activities to be manifest through the site. The first, of course, was the Pioneer Voyage II. Yet, there are many more activities ahead of us. I was not sure which the second would be. Then, out of the blue, I received a channelling from Cmdr. Andras via email, outlining the seeding of crystals into the Earth. This immediately rang a bell for me, and I looked over my original ACC notes, and there I found Ashtar's mention of the creation of a crystal grid about the planet through the planting of physical crystals and symbols, as an ACC activity! How marvelous . . ..

Several emails with Cmdr. Andras later, we have decided to jointly initiate this new project. If you are drawn to participate in the manifestation of this grid, please step forward and email me. This activity is still to be
formulated, and I shall create a new index on the ACC website to chart its progress, as both Cmdr. Andras and I receive directives from the AC. The purpose of the grid is as yet unknown to us..."

Well, and indeed, allthough I know and feel this grid is of great importance, as for now the Ashtar Command has yet to reveil the entire purpose of this project.
Below you will find my channeling Soltec is speaking of.

Chrystal-activation channeling by Cmdr. Andras

Greetings dear beings of light, I AM Ashtar. My heart is filled with pure joy to be with you again. I can only congratulate you for the tremendous amount of work each and everyone of you has been doing in assisting me and the command. With hapiness have we seen you grow into bright bodies of light.

I'm also with you here to introduce to you another step on your ascension, and not only that but also I want to introduce you to Aish-Ra, another beautiful being of light that choose to give her unconditional love to the mission of ascension and the AC. As I'm sure you'll hear of me enough in the near future ;-)

I'll let Aish-Ra speak now, let her words into you then judge for yourself wether you think this could be a mission for you, remember dear ones, we only want to assist, yet you have the free choice to do whatever you feel in your heart that is right.

Adonai... Ashtar.

Beloved ones,

I greet you and cherish you since you are of great importance to the Command and my mission. Let me first tell you something about myself, as I have chosen to keep my person on the background untill now, I feel you are entitled to. I think the best way to describe my appearance in your understanding, would be as a female,

although that's mainly the vibration-field that I'm refering to now, I'm a specialist in the field of communication and cleansing and I choose this time to step forward. As many of you are probably aware the situation seems to be changing for the better, you are working hard, dear souls, and the results are showing, since more and more of you have chosen to assist the Command. I was surprised to hear that some of you still weren't aware of the Commands work with the crystals.

Since this project is mainly under my supervision I thought this would be the time to step forward and inform you.

Well dear souls, as the wise amongst you have known since ancient times crystals are very valuable tools for communication, cleansing and rising vibrations to a higher level, well now, ofcourse we do also have that knowledge and have decided some time ago to use it. We 'planted' several of our crystals in your athmosphere. Please try to understand we are not talking of crystals like you would know them now, although I come to that later, since that's where you come in, beloved ones.

The crystals in your atmosphere are vibrating in a higher level, they are merely "compressed" light in your athmosphere, and they are helping to raise the energy of your world to a higher level too. These 5D-crystals as you might call them actually function as satellites as you will understand, transmitting Light and unconditional love from our ships outside your atmosphere, a network of light so to speak.

Now you can assist in expanding this network of light, dear souls, I'm delighted to tell you that in the deep inside of your wonderful planet pure light has had ages to materialize, Clear crystal, it is very compatible to our higher resonating crystal. I'm here with you to ask you to activate your town or place,. by your self or with other beings of light that have chosen to assist the Command. Choose several strategic locations, and I know you might think this sounds like an attack-plan for one of your wars but don't look at it that way, please.

Understand it's a network of Light, bringing unconditional love and vibrations of peace. On these locations you 'plant' one or more Clear crystal(s), be sure to put the pointed side down if it's an obelisk-shaped chrystal, since that's where the energy will be directed to.

After you done this you can 'activate' the crystals and the net of light by visualizing pure white light coming out of the crystals, now please visualize rays of golden Light arriving out of the sky, out of our crystals, see those golden and white beams of light weave together and form a web of Love and Light. This net will remain in an optimal form by reactivating it on a regular base, connecting it also with you, beloved ones, this is what I have to offer you, and I promise you can rely on that network of Light whenever you need to, we promise you to be always there for you,

I AM Aish-Ra, adonai...


More on the crystal-grid, this time by Ashtar.
(through Andras)

Greetings dear beings of the light,

I have come to tell you that the results of your wonderfull work with the AC is showing results, maybe the results are not clear to you yet, but the will become in the near future. Since Aish-Ra has told you about the activating of the Chrystal Grid our hearts filled with joy to see so many of you we're taking action and choose to starting to connect your beautifull planet with the web of light.

One function of this grid, as you might have guessed, bringing you dear ones, closer to us, to eachother and ofcourse to yourself. And seemingly we succeeded here, as we have noticed a closer bonding between our "ground-crew" commanders and ofcourse all of you beloved children of light. I also came to welcome all the new souls that have so miracoulesly have found their way to the Command. I embrace you, for you are important.

Before I leave you know, I want you all to remember your task here. We are messengers of Light and Love, we're here to unify the situation in the cosmos again. Our gift to you is unconditional Love and our dear Commander Tielnec passed the message on before, but I feel in my heart it is important to emphasize again, Nor I nor anyone of the AC or the Brother/Sisterhood of light is at war, we are past that dear ones!

Remember...Unconditional Love... Well, meanwhile keep planting the chrystals since we have more plans for that web of light you all are creating so beautifully, yes beloved ones, the work is never done :-)

We're proud of your achievements...Your doing well!

In Service to the ALL,



One more by Ashtar:

Greetings beloved ones,

It is Ashtar speaking to you on this occasion. I have come forth to prepare you for the changes and the work lying ahead for you dear Lightworkers and ofcourse all you starseeds of planet earth. But before I begin let me tell me you will not be alone in all this, for your Heavenly Family will be watching over you, assisting you and pouring out our Unconditional Love. Sending it straight to your Heart-chakra. You will not be alone.

But dear ones, you won't be resting neither in the time to come. As some of you have felt they had to they have been working on activating several stargates and -portals
all meant to increase the vibrational field of your wonderful planet and creating a more balanced flow of energies and an uprise of the Christ-awareness. We thank all of you for your intense co-operation in the activation of these stargates and -portals.

These activations have intensly changed the vibrational fields of the earth, and as some of you have experienced by now the travelling to the ships as well as the ability to make contact seem to taken place easier, or more often maybe. Now dear beings of light, please don't give up hope if you are not, yet, experiencing any of this. Because each of you has reached a certain place in your ascension. Maybe you are experiencing other feelings related to your position right know, maybe you are experiencing transmissions from the Higher Realms not able to come through.

I know many of you probably do...
This is due to the fact that, even though the direct danger of evacuation has gone for the moment, your wonderful planet is still suffering from pollution and negative vibrations send by so many. Therefore the vibrational field of earth is still not able to establish a better relationship with your Family out there. This is the reason why lots of you still are "depending" on our channels. But beloved ones, I'm here with a happy heart and I can tell you this.

You too can soon embrace us, speak to us, rely on our assistance, in fact you always could, but since we're here to assist you through this we can make it a lot easier for you. To achieve this we ask you to build up the crystal-grid Aish-Ra and I spoke to you about before for this is it's purpose (See our website)

It will raise the vibrational field around your planet to a higher level, making it possible for us to 'close in'. It will, once completed ring in a new step of helping this entire earth ascend. But be aware dear souls, the changes might be more subtile than some of you might expect, remember that that what you cannot find inside yourself first will never manifest in the outside world. Yet I can promise you tremendous changes in your Inner Being as you will be able to contact your Inner guides and your Heavenly family whenever you feel the need.

These are the kind of changes you CAN expect. But back to the hard work my friends ;-) After the 'planting' of the crystals, your joined efforts will be needed, and I am talking ALL of your efforts here, and this will be for the final activation of the Web of Light. For you are closing in to a perfect position to activate this Web soon, and I am really happy that we will be able to build up our relationship even better by than...

More about this is to follow in the near future dear ones, for now I bid you goodbye, and thank you from the depth of my heart for having the chance of working with you.

I AM Commander Ashtar, ADONAI.

Beloved Lightworkers and Starseed,

It seems that the list of planted Crystals is growing more and more, and I am delighted to see that! After all, we want to make a big happening of the Activation in August :)
Ashtar has asked me to urge you to engage more people in this wonderful opurtunity to build this Web of Light.
Please send us a message with the location and number of planted crystals so we can add you to our grid.
You can find our e-mail-address on our navigation-site!

Thank you all for your efforts,

Cmdr. Andras
Ashtar Command Communication Centre Netherlands

PLANTED CRYSTALS UNTILL NOW (April 5,1999): ************************************************

Andrew Glass wrote:

As of 2-28-99 I have planted 4 crystals , 10 to 30 miles west of Colorado Springs , Colorado. Almost in the geographical center of the state.

Janisel wrote:

Three crystals, El Paso, Texas

Mehku Braum wrote:

I have planted crystals on the Big Island of Hawai'i, Northern California, Western Washington and will be planting some here in Oklahoma as well.

Kathy wrote:

I have 2 crystals in oceanside harbor and one in the city of oceanside, California, usa.

Shani wrote:

I have planted one in eastern Kentucky, USA. A very small town, Prestonsburg. I will definitely be planting atleast 4 or 5 more as soon as I get them next week. I'll keep you updated.

Andy wrote:

We have planted two crystals in the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and more are about to follow.

Sarah Earnshaw wrote:

we have planted some on glastonbury tor, some at a roman temple site, in Weymouth, Dorset,south coast of England, doing some at tintagel king Arthur's birthplace in Cornwall in April, and we will be doing some in the inner sanctum of Merlin's cave below the castle.

Shalona wrote:

I was reading about people who had planted crystals and I wanted to add my planting. I planted one on the fault line on the Rocky Mountains, specifically on the Wasatch Front in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a wonderful ceremony! Thanks for your great website. Love & Light.

Aeriol Meinhardt wrote:

I just wanted to let you know that I have planted 4 crystals in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Namaste

Don & Donna wrote:

This message is sent with much light and love! We are pleased to report that we have planted several crystals in Northern Wisconsin.

We are using our Violet Ray Crystal Resonator to communicate manifestations to the grid.

Locations of these crystals are as follows..

1) Timms Hill (the highest point in WIsconsin) Ogema, WI

2) Southeast corner of solberg lake Phillips, WI

3) 2 miles west of Prentice WI

4) In Lake Superior adjacent to Madeline Island

Don & Donna

Alexah wrote:

Wednesday March 31, 1999---I have planted 2 crystals
in Logandale Nevada and will be planting more very soon.

Blessed Be.

Robert Trebor wrote:

Thank you ladies for this information regarding the
"GRID". I will add to it by planting a set of three huge crystals about ten miles west of San Marcos Texas and three miles south of Wimberly, Texas. They will be a part of a "Sacred Circle" to concentrate their energies. May they add strength to the GRID that needs to be. I may also persuade up yo 600 more people to do the same all over the country and they, in turn will pass it on to many others world-wide.

Blessed Be to all who believe in "Perfect" Love.

Serafina wrote:

I like your site, please add me to newletter...
Regarding crystal planting... I've already done a Botswana agate and will do ruby in zooisite in my vortex here.. a very strong direction to do this.... so it may not always be clear quartz that need to be planted

regards... Serafina,