"Cloth of Many Colors" Peace Project
Cloth of Many Colors Peace Project

Mystics and saints throughout the ages have told us that it doesn't take a large percentage of the world's population to change the world. In fact, all that is required is one tenth of one percent, roughly five million people, who are willing to focus on peace.

Here's the question we would like you to answer:

Are you one of those five million people?
Are you willing to commit yourself to transforming the world of hatred and fear to the reality of compassion and love? As we enter this new millenium, we stand at the brink of an incredible opportunity.

Imagine a year-long pilgrimage of five million people traveling the globe bearing witness to this new peace. This is the goal of the 'Cloth of Many Colors' Peace Project.

It is clearly impossible for five million people to travel the world together for an entire year. And yet, there is a way for us to accomplish the same goal, a way to gather the intent and commitment of people all over the world into a single point of light.

Here's how you can participate:

1. Find a piece of clothing that you enjoy and cut from it a small piece of cloth no bigger than an egg.

2. Hold the piece of cloth in your hand and 'feel' what this new world will be like. It is important that you charge the cloth with your FEELINGS, not your thoughts.

3. While holding onto the feeling, say the words, "Peace Prevails on Earth", three times.

4. Send the piece of cloth, along with SASE to:

Cloth of Many Colors Peace Project
50 East Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901

What happens next?

Throughout 1999, we expect to receive at least five million pieces of cloth charged with the feelings of peace. These scraps will then be sewn together to create a banner that will be several city blocks long.

On January 1, 2000, hundreds of volunteers will gather at the United Nations building in New York City, New York, USA and encircle the outside of the building with this powerful symbol of a world united in peace.

This banner will then be turned into hundreds of peace shawls. A group of people led by author and peace troubador, James Twyman, will then travel the globe during the year 2000 presenting these peace shawls to the leaders of every country in the world.