How to contact the ACCNL

If you want to contact the Ashtar Command Communication Centre for more information or for a personal channeling(at the cost of $15.00 a tape. Please e-mail us first for your order)feel free to write us anytime. Also if you channel yourself or come across interesting channelings concerning ascension matters or AC-related information, and you think they should be published on this site, be sure to let us know.

The ACCNL is about to bring out a monthly E-Newsletter, but before doing so we want to see how many Ground Crew Members are actually interested in recieving this Newsletter. No need to say, but ofcourse it is FREE :)
Well anyway, if you'ld like to get your copy of the ACCNL Newsletter in your mailbox, send us a message telling us so. You will always first recieve a confirmation before we start sending...