More Crystal Plantings!!!
...and even MORE locations!!!

Finally, one crystal was planted in the north of Paris, one in the East, one in the South, one in the
West, and one right in the center of the town, just behind the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.
Another one has been planted in Marly-le-Roi, a few kilometers west of Paris.



I am overjoyed at this project and the enormous response from the lightbearers of this earth. Blessings to all.
Today I planted 4 crystals. Their location is 10 miles southwest of Ogden, Iowa USA
I have visualized the blending of these energies.


I have planted 3 crystals in Austin, Texas: 1 next to Town Lake and two in a botanical garden area.

Peace Angel

Name : Felipe Chaparro
Country: Chile
City : Viña del Mar
Number of crystals: 1 crystal
Especific Location: in the beach of Viña del Mar.

Name : Aldo & Dany
Country: Argentina
City : Villala Angosturas (W. of the Argentina )
Number of crystals: 1 crystal
Especific Location:
-In one of the most beautifulls places of Argentina , near some lakes , mountains and virgen nature .

Name : Susana Agueda M. de Bernay
Country: Argentina
City : El Bolson Pcia of Rio Negro
Number of crystals: 1 crystal (obelisk )
Especific Location: in my garden under my favorite tree.

Name : Ana Maria & Luis Omar Milomes.
Country: Argentina
City : La Plata , Buenos Aires
Number of crystals: 1 crystal .
Especific Location: Cathedral de la Plata ´s garden

Name : Malena Sotomayor (now Reiki Master! : )
Country: Perú
City : Lima
Number of crystals: 1 crystal .
Especific Location: at my garden.

Name : Rafael Saiz
Country: Spain
City : Santiago´s road
Number of crystals: 2 crystals ( one was spheric of 15 cm. )
Especific Location: in the road of Santiago.

Just a small note to let you know that on August 5th I planted a clear crystal in the back garden of our
house situated in the Western suburbs of Brisbane, here in Queensland, Australia.

Ronke Rwagaju

Name : Marisol Olivares
Country: Venezuela
City : Mérida
Number of crystals: 1 crystal
Especific Location:
-At the top of the highest point of my country in the peak called Mother Mary of San Jose (4.150 meters) . It is located in the top of the "El Gavilan" mountain and in the Paramo of Mucuchies . it is a beautifull place.

Dear friends.

I want to comunicate that i have planted two crystals in San Jose
Costa Rica.One of them two kilometers N. E from San Jose
The other one six kilometers to the East from San Jose.

Yours in the Love and Light.

Oscar Rosales (Hare Krishna das)

Name: Malena Sotomayor
Country: Perú
City : Lima
Number of crystals: 3
Specific Location :
-At the garden of my house .

Name:Adriana Elena Hinrichs.
Country: Argentina
City: Villa la Angostura
Number of crystals: 1 crystal
Especific Location: near the lake "NAHUEL HUAPI" in front of the Waterfall " RIO
BONITO", in the middle of a mountain , surrounded by big trees "COHIUES" and roses called

Name : Octavio Ceballos ( Reiki 2 1/2)
Country: Perú
City : Cieneguilla , Lima
Number of crystal : 1 crystal ( cluster)
Especific Location : at the garden of my house in a ceremony made for Mother Earth (
Pachamama ) , Inca ceremony .

I have planted two crystals here in our property at Parkwood,
Goldcoast Queensland Australia. One is a clear Quartz and a
small smoky Quartz.

Alan Parratt

Buried at 18605 Marsha Riverview, MI 48192 USA (10 miles south of Detroit MI)

Pastor Gene Peters
"School of the Holy Spirit"
"Spirit Filled Christian Ministries"
"The Gathering"

I have another crystal planting that you can add to the grid roster.
I emailed the list about this before, and I did see it on the roster
at one time, but I can't find it now, and I just want to be sure you
know, in case it's important. (I know it will do it's job anyway. :-)

I planted a rock crystal quartz the size of a soda pop can in my
backyard wildflower garden. And it has an iron oxide "trigger"
along one side. It's great Phaser! LOL!

Middleton, Wisconsin USA
89W30'12" Longitude / 43N05'54" Latitude

This crystal joins a grid with Sarah Earnshaw in Dorset England,
crystals Sarah planted in Merlin's Cave in Cornwall England,
the crystal placed in the tree in the center of Kosovo Yugoslavia,
the Master Crystal reported by Katie Braden in Sedona Arizona USA, crystals planted by Monico in Minnesota USA,
crystals I and others planted at Aztalan in Wisconsin USA, and then back to the crystal in my backyard. Quite a trip!
I think I'll link up with yours, too! :-)

I have learned from Kari Chapman of the Namaste Retreat Center near Aztalan that she and her group have planted many crystal there, too. (You have this location on the grid roster already. :-)
The More The Merrier!

Thanks again for all the great work you both are doing!

We Are Literally Being Magicians!

Bill (William Merlin)

Hi Andras,

I am a little late, but today i planted two crystals in Nesbyen, Norway.Your posts about the activation of the crystal grid finally kicked my ass! Thank you very much for the fine work you all are doing.



Hi Andy! A last minute notice (before the 11th) of more crystal plantings in the US.

Joyce Kilmer National Forest, North Carolina
Etowah Indian Mounds, Cartersville, Georgia
Okmulgee National Monument, Macon, Georgia
Red Top Mountain, Emerson, Georgia
Kennesaw, Georgia (my garden)

The crystals were Reiki'd at my house and activated on site and I have since reactivated them as well. They're ready for action!

Blessings on you for coordinating this!

Hi again,

Anita writes: 7 crystalls I have planted 15 KM North-East of Oslo