Eclips 1999, Preparation & Activation
The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 The Opening of the 4th Gateway

On this page you will find all the information for joining the preparation and actual activation of the fourth gateway, or the crystal web of light. You can join the meditations either way, wether you have engaged in the crystal-planting project or not.
After all the shift into the light is something this entire planet will go through, not just a select group. Please keep checking up on this site cause it will be regularly updated in the following days, up to the actual activation of the gateway on August 11th, 1999.
Well enough from me, here's what Ashtar had to say about the activation of the crystal grid:

Beloved Ones,

This is Ashtar, and I've chosen to come forth at this specific time to speak to you about the last steps onto the activation of the crystal-grid.
For months now, many of you have been busy with the building of this network of light, and dear ones, the spiritual hierarchy and I want to thank you all sincerely for the tremendous job you have done. And that is why it is about time that your and our work will be crowned so to speak, with the actual activation of the fourth gateway, the grid of light. An actual and direct connection between lightworkers around your world and the realms of light. But dear ones, the crystal-grid is more than that.

The crystals that you have planted in your earth will also function as generators and amplifier/transmitters in some way. You see, they are able to generate a vibration of the purest Love and Light because of their connection with our 5D crystal satellites Aish-Ra and I have spoke off before. After generating this loving and ofcourse healing energy, the crystals will amplify this energy and transmit it right through to the crystalline heart of your beautiful planet.

This will let your Mothers heart, which has turned sad and polluted through the years of abuse, radiate again, strongly and with all its brightness. The heart of your planet will be filled again with pure Light and Love so to speak. That my dearest friends, is why this project is of such a high importance… You ARE able to heal your beautiful planet Earth, and yourselves, and during this process we will not leave your sides, for we will be there for you and assist you all the way along your path to ascension. Well now, beloved friends, before I will go on about the actual activation of the Network of Light, and bring to you a meditation to visualize this entire connection, I think it could be important to come back on the actual changes you might encounter after the activation of our gateway.

I know that I have been speaking about that before in an earlier transmission, yet I feel I should do so again. After all, we do not want even one of you, to be facing unexpected things that might have an eerie or lets say, too surprising effect if you would not know what is going on. So, that's why I love to point out to you dear friends that we, our world and yours are on collision-course so to speak, and the crystal network will allow many of you to start the shift towards our realm, as many will notice a strong growth in their multi dimensional awareness. This changes you might experience will be on the physical plane also.

Some of the physical complaints you might have carried for years will lighten up or even disappear eventually. This ofcourse can lead to irregularities in your physical system and being. But know it will be for the best dear ones. Then there is also the seeing. Many of you will start to regularly see glimpses of the higher dimensions until these glimpses become second nature to you. Dear souls of light, do not fear those sightings and let me rest assure you that it is not your mind playing tricks on you. No friends, the things you may see are real, a fact, see, you are not alone…

We are anxiously awaiting the day that you will be able to see and contact the realms of light, we await the day to be hugged and give hugs to you… the way family would do…
Well dearest ones, I can only hope you will gather together, in spirit as well as in 3D to meditate and activate this wonderful grid together…


I AM Ashtar

Sananda's Gift of the Crystalline Rose (Ashtar through Cmdr. Andras)

Dearest of Friends,

Again I have come to assist you in activating the crystal web of light that has been constructed by so many, and in fact is still being constructed in some parts of your world right as we speak. Well beloved ones, I have spoken to you about the function and the working of the crystal grid earlier, so let's go on to, let us say, the preparation for the activating of the grid.

Let me first state that I am certainly not the only one that is assisting you in the preparations, in fact, right at this moment I speak to you on behalf of the Most Radiant One, Lord Sananda who is there for you to call upon every time you feel this is necessary. And ofcourse you can also count on
the assistance of every other being from the realms of light for any personal question you might have concerning the crystal grid. But like I said before at this time I am speaking for Lord Sananda, since he will be the one to lead you through the preparation.

So please dear friends, begin with finding a comfortable place and position to sit. You can choose to do this meditation inside, or you might choose to visit your planted crystals and do the meditation at his spot, so you can anchor the energies. Those might be of use on the actual worldwide activation of the grid. Anyway dear ones choose whatever feels right for you. Once you have found your spot, center yourself…

Correct your breathing if necessary, feel each breath that you take, follow it all the way to your lungs, hold it for a brief moment and then release it back to the cosmos. Now dear ones, visualize that with each breath you take you breathe the Golden Light of pure Love. Hold it in your lungs and feel the Light spreading inside you. You are now activating your light-bodies my friends, with every breath you grow and radiate brighter.

As you will do this for a while you vibrations will raise up to a point that you are overwhelmed by a wave of harmony. You will resonate in perfect harmony with the universe of which you are a part. Now beloved friends, I ask you to focus on your chakra-system. As you do so, and please take your time to actually experience each of your seven main-chakras. Feel the waves of Golden Light float through your chakras and feel them harmonizing your entire chakra-system.

Now dear friends, visualize this Light reaching your crown-chakra and reaching out to the eighth chakra I spoke about in earlier transmissions,
the diamond of the brightest white you can imagine. Well now friends, see how this diamond-chakra grows and grows, see it glister in the wonderful Light. The diamond will grow until you can easily step inside it. And this is what you might do now dearest lightworkers, step into the diamond. You will be surrounded by a beautiful diamond landscape glistering with rainbow colors all around. As you look up dear ones, you will see a wonderful bright golden sun. It's as bright as you could imagine yet you can perfectly well look in to it. Absorb its Light and it's unconditional Love. You are experiencing the Central Sun beloved friends…

As you move towards the Golden Light of the Central Sun, you will see, or feel the presence of the Most Radiant one, Lord Sananda. You will be fully aware of his presence, and he will carry many beautiful white roses.
They are of the purest white you can imagine. Well dear ones, these roses are for you, to carry in your hearts so you know, and always will be reminded of the fact that Sananda and his infinite love for mankind and your wonderful Earth. Now see how Sananda lets go of the roses. As they are falling towards you their appearance seems to shift into crystalline roses, see one of those roses heading directly towards you.

As it comes closer you become aware of the presence of this crystalline rose and you feel its beauty melt together with the Golden Light you are radiating. Once you have experienced this, dearest friends, you will be connected to Lord Sananda and the Federation of Light and you probably will clearly feel their presence very distinctively in the next few days, in the process of your planet officially becoming a planet of Light.
After the meditation, come back easily, do not force anything, take your time to get up and going. You will be experiencing merely a fragment of what you will be able to feel/see after the actual activation, but that's not the only cause of this meditation. The crystalline rose cleanses your light-body and connects you to Lord Jesus-Sananda, and that is the reason for this meditation beloved ones…

Well dear friends, I'm going to leave you again, but again, it will not be for a long time, the activation of the grid is coming closer fast after all,
Until soon,


I AM Ashtar

Beloved Ones,

It is Ashtar. I AM very pleased to speak to you, now that you are standing on the rim of becoming a true Planet of Light. Dear friends, I am here today to remind you of the reactivation of the crystals that are planted until now. These crystals should be reactivated on Monday 9th of August and Tuesday the 10th. Please let me say this again: You can ALL activate the planted crystals whether you engaged in planting or not.

Now dear ones, you can choose to visit the crystals or activate them from elsewhere, as long as you connect them with the bright white light emanating from within your planets crystalline core as well as with the golden light coming in from the Great Central Sun.

You can align with the energies of the crystals by holding a crystal during reactivating or maybe even two crystal rods, one in each hand. On Tuesday 10th of August you will receive the actual meditation for activating the Crystal Grid of Light and opening the 4th Gateway, but meanwhile I will go in to some questions I picked up from the ground-crew that need to be answered. So, let us begin with the question how the solar eclipse on the 11th of August is connected with your ascension and the 4th Gateway…

Well beloved friends, have you ever experienced an eclipse? If so, you know the influence of this happening is tremendous. In a physical, scientific, as well as in a spiritual way. An eclipse of the sun is an experience that gives you an idea of your place in the universe again. It opens minds to a broader perception of reality. During an eclipse, dear friends, there is a moment of universal silence, a moment of meditation so to speak, and this ofcourse creates the perfect condition for this worldwide activation of the Crystal Grid of protective and healing light.

Now the opening of the 4th Gateway is a different story in a certain way. Ofcourse both events together are the actual key to the next ascension-wave. This portal is created through the alignment of your systems planets in to the Grand Cross.
Another question that has been on many minds lately, concerns the prophecies of your Earth's so called visionaries, like for example Nostradamus. After all, we bring you messages of Love and Joy, while those people spoke off and foresaw the end of the world. A disaster.

But beloved ones, do not take their words too literally. Oh yes they where right about the tremendous changes and ofcourse in a way they were also right about the rest. It's just that you should now that you have no reason to fear what so ever. Because when you look at it with trust in your heart and when you are driven by love and light rather than a fear-based motivation, you will have to admit the end of your world as it is at the present time, would not necessarily mean a bad thing. Friends it would mean a joyful experience of remembrance, of reconnecting with the Great Central Sun and the Source.

Well dear souls of Light, I hope you will have found some of the answered you had in this transmission, but know you are always free to ask for our assistance, at any time…
I hope you will experience the solar eclipse with an open heart and enjoy every of your seconds of it.

In Service to the Light,

I AM Ashtar


Beloved Ones,

The time has now arrived to activate the Crystal Grid and to open the 4th
Gateway. What a joy it is for us, to see so many of you, just anxiously awaiting to move ahead, on to the higher planes of existence.
Friends, know that the activation of the crystal grid will not mean the end of this project, your magnificent Web of Light.

It is merely the beginning. I am here to tell you, that after the grid's activation the Web of Light still can be expanded. For we have left the opportunity to "plug in" additional crystals to the grid, you see. These crystals, after they have been activated, will immediately function as beacons of light. But that's in the future dear ones, so let us now focus our energies on the Crystal Grid.

Beloved ones, take your time to prepare. Go to your chosen location of planted crystals. You can also choose to actually plant a crystal on the activation itself. If you do so, charge this crystal with Universal Love and Light first. If you, however, already planted crystals, try to find the actual location of this planting and then please, take a moment to center yourself. Keep a close watch on your breathing… breathe deeply and peacefully. Feel your lungs slowly filling up with the Golden Light of the Great Central Sun…

Experience this for a brief moment…
When you are really filled with the Divine Light you may call upon your
I AM-Presence, the Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, the Elohim, Lord Sananda, the Order of Melchizedek and ofcourse your own personal guides to assist you with the Lightwork you're about to participate in. Dearest friends, know that we are here for you, to assist you and embrace you with our brotherly, infinite love. On to the real work now…

You might have felt your chakra-system adjusting during your breathing exercise, but some of your chakras might need some extra fine-tuning.
Feel your chakra-system, feel each single chakra, one by one, starting with the red basis-chakra, and go up to crown-chakra. Dear ones, know that you've done this before, now please let your seven chakras blend together so to speak, just above your crown-chakra, floating above your head. See these 7 rainbow-colors merge into the brightest white light, see it getting shape, diamond-like… Dear ones, you might be familiar with your diamond-chakra, and in case you are not: Congratulations! You have just activated it!
Now imagine this bright white diamond slowly spinning above your crown-chakra. Beloved friends, now you can experience a cleansing coming directly from the Source. See the golden rays of the Great Central Sun that fall into the beautiful diamond-shape above you, and imagine that ray breaking into the 7 Divine Rays. At this point you can call upon the assistance of the Elohim. You will be literally showered by the Light of the Source, the Great Creator. Feel the worries and your feelings of insecurity, incompleteness, and fear drift away into the Earth.

That is where your Divine Mother will wash them away. For it is now time for you to fully awaken, to Trust and depend on your Lightworker-self, your I AM-Presence. Thank the Earth for everything and connect yourselves to the strong earth-energies emanating from her crystalline core. Concentrate yourselves on the infinite love your Mother Earth feels for you. Accept it, and let it flow right into your Heart-Center. You might also become aware of some feelings during this process that translate as sadness. Know that these are the sufferings that your wonderful planet had to go through.

Dearest ones, that is what will change now that you and your Earth are standing on the rim of becoming a true Planet of Light. When you feel that you are really connected to, as well the energies from your planets crystalline core as well as the cleansing rays of the Great Central Sun… and please do take some time to experience, undergo this… we can move forward to the next step of the activation. Friends, call upon the Most Radiant One, Lord Sananda, for this part of your Lightwork. He has brought to you the gift of the Crystalline Rose…

Well now, try to visualize this Rose, appearing just slightly above the ground where the crystal(s) is (are) planted. Now you can re-direct the energies flowing through you, onto the planted crystal(s). Please friends,
Begin with the energies from within your beautiful planet. See the Crystalline Rose being filled with the bright white light emerging from within your Mother Earth. Now you can re-direct the Golden Light from the Central Sun by simply letting your diamond-chakra hover towards the planted crystal(s) so to speak. See it right there over the Crystalline Rose, and see the Golden Light break into the 7 Divine Rays, and experience the rainbow-colors dancing around on the Roses surface.

Well dear ones, this Rose will bind the energies, melt them together in a way… Once the energies have merged the Crystalline Rose can be used as a vehicle. Yes dear ones, it will function like the Mer-K'ha-Ba in some way, or like our Lightships. Let your lightbody flow into the Crystalline Rose. Now the actual activation of the Crystal Web of Light has more or less taken place dear friends! Now you can emerge within the Crystalline Rose, you can "jump" or "fly" if you please, to the other planted crystals all over your beautiful Earth. Go at least once around, and more if you please, connecting with the other locations of planted crystals.

Know that Lightworkers all around your globe are doing the same… Once you have returned to your own location, you will see that the entire planet is waved into a network of Light, and the planted crystals are its connections. Experience the infinite energy of Love and Light filling up your Mother Earth's crystalline core. Know in your heart that you have become a Planet of Light, Know while you see it before you, that you will always be able to use the Crystal Grid from now on, anytime you feel the need to connect with us, the Realms of Light or your Fellow-Lightworkers. See your achievements dear ones, and anchor them into your reality, into your consciousness by speaking the words…


I AM Ashtar Sheran, greeting you as an Official Planet of Light, Adonai…