Nieuwste, (nog) onvertaalde channelings

Op deze pagina vind je de nieuwste channelings van Sananda, Ashtar of zijn Command. Deze zijn, aangezien deze site steeds onder constructie is, (nog) niet vertaald naar het Nederlands. De contributies zijn afkomstig van verschillende zuivere channels, zoals de Texaanse Janisel en de in Australie wonende Soltec. Ashtar Command Communicaties dankt beiden dan ook voor hun schitterende werk.


Beloved ones, we will speak now of your ascension. For it is not just one Jesus of Nazareth, one Jeshua ben Joseph, that ascended or will ever ascend. No, it is the one Child, which is you, that ascends in remembrance of holiness.

Indeed, you have already experienced ascension in times of great joy, times of great revelation, times when you have said, "Ah ha. Oh, now I understand. Now I see the Light." Of course you see the Light; it is your own Light. You experience every once in a while moments of ascension, moments that take you beyond the activities of what seems to be going on right around you, and you say, "Father, I know Your Presence even in the midst of all of the other voices calling out to me." Those are moments of ascension.

You have chosen to bring the Light and the Love of the Father into expression even with form and to temporarily set aside the remembrance of Allness so that you could know specificity. It has been called a sin; it has been called the fall from grace, and yet it has been by divine design, in order to know and to experience the Light in expression.

Now you are ascending the consciousness into the Allness that you always have been, allowing the consciousness itself to rise up, and to ascend to the Father. As you surrender into the remembrance of Allness, there is a grand joy that wells up within you. For the holy Child realizes that there is nothing more that you need do: you are now the perfection that you have always been and the perfection that you will always be. There will be a grand laughter sweeping across the face of our Holy Mother, the Earth, for the holy Child will recognize, acknowledge that "I AM." Period. Full stop. "I AM THAT I AM, and there is nothing more that I need do to prove my worthiness."

Know that anytime you desire you may behold the Light of Christ. Anytime that you desire, you may ascend into the consciousness of the Light. Ascension need not be something mysterical, something beyond you, something afar off that can only be attained by a select few. It happens in every moment that you choose to come up higher in the understanding and remembrance of the Totality of the one Child that you are.

So be it.