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Sananda on spirituality and the Major Religions of the World:

Sananda over spiritualiteit & religie:

I would like to discuss the major religions of the world and how they are related to one another. Each one is based on universal truths that were presented in a way that people could understand through their established spiritual beliefs and culture at that time.

Even though each religion's teachings are seemingly different, it is mainly the way that they are interpreted and expressed through culture and language that make the differences seem greater than they are. Once you go beyond the rituals that surround them and the words used to explain them, the basic truths that they are based on are very similar.

The universal truths are again being brought to Earth, this time not by a single teacher in one part of the world, but by many thousands worldwide. The teachings are being presented in many different ways through many different religious and cultural understandings, so that all people on the Earth will have the opportunity to understand and accept them.

Light workers all over the world are bringing greater spiritual understanding to the people on Earth though their channeling of higher dimensional teachers. There is an immense unified effort to bring greater spiritual awareness to the Earth during these years of preparation for the ascension.

These teachings can help show that the spiritual truths that all the major religions are based on are facets of one greater truth. As people's spiritual understanding expands and their higher self connection grows, the universal truths will become easier to understand and accept. It will be easier to see the similarities and consistencies of all of the world's major religions, rather than their differences.

This higher perspective presents an opportunity to greatly enhance life on Earth. These teachings have the potential to bring about a better understanding between all people on the Earth and create an atmosphere that is more conducive to peace, harmony, and cooperation around the world.

These teachings are meant to help people to better understand the spiritual beings that they are, and if they choose to, to culminate their lessons and experiences on Earth and ascend to the next spiritual level.

We wish to help bring about a graceful awakening for all people who wish to further their spiritual development. We have always been here helping the Earth, incarnating as teachers and spiritual leaders, and helping from the higher dimensions as guides; guardian angels, teachers and messengers. We have always helped our spiritual family to experience and learn on the Earth, now it is time to help the ones who wish to culminate that experience and move on to their next step of spiritual development.

We make a vow to continue to help all of the people who choose not to ascend; but to stay on the 3D Earth to continue with their experiences and lessons here. Our love and help is offered to each and every person on the Earth at all times. We have always worked as a team to support you while you are here, and you can calloin any member of the team to help you at any time.

I wish to offer my love and help to everyone who wishes to accept it.