Research & Development


Microwave Freeze Dry cooling, cooking system
Micro- FD models
FDcc................Microwave standard size
Fcc........................Wine & Beer flask
SScc.......................Cup & Glass
TPwc......Lunch & Travel pack
Imagin a system that gave you the freedom to freeze chill,& to warm at the touch of a finger, Well with todays tecknolige and a growing consumer demand a product & the time has come forth.

The Micro- FD models will always take inconsideration of our troubling inviroment, by using even an outer casing that is recyclalbe substance to the reuseable & returnable cartriges needed to use almost all the units.

From house hold to a commecial use that is both hygenictly more affective but all so a cost reduction that would naturaly come from its aplication of this apliance in the work place. I know your imagination is running wild , but wait we will tell you a small amount more information.

Maybe it dose sound alittle Star Treky or is it just old grand dads work shop finaly came out with an incredibly piece of workmanship.

This web page is the first introduction to the public of this product. In the next few months after a general knoledge of its affect on the populace has bin studied it will be relleased to the public in commecial and then at a residential aplication.
This is the dawn of a knew tecknolige, Whare were you when the person who invented the Normal Microwave oven walked into the pattent office with only one signiture on the paper???