More on Implants

A lot has been written and said about the phenomenon of Alien Implants, and sure, I could choose to re-invent the wheel. But I've decided to let Dr. Joshua David Stone speak in a way, by the following excerpt out of one of the fabulous series of books on the subject of ascension this wonderful, enlightened soul has written:

Excerpt of "Hidden Mysteries" by Dr. Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.:

"It is important to be aware of the issue of extraterrestrial implants. Most people think of them as being only of a mechanical nature, but there are many types of implants that have been placed in people's astral, mental, and etheric bodies, also.

Many people feel frightened when this subject comes up; there is no need for fear. I have been told, by sources of knowledge that I highly respect that just about every person on Planet Earth has implants, and that has been going on for the past ten million years. People have been functioning with them and living their lives and being successful for eons and will continue to do so.

That does not mean, however, that they are helpful to you on your spiritual path. These implants can be removed by a very simple process that takes less than an hour. Many people do this work. You can contact me for guidance on how to have implants removed.

Implants come in many sizes and shapes. They also have many different functions. One is to suck you Light and energy. Some are used for telepathic control. Some block you from you spiritual goals. They can be found in the chakras, in the glands and organs, above the head - all over the body.

They are usually implanted during childhood or at times of physical, mental, or emotional crisis or illness. Even though everyone has them and can function quite well, they do prevent you from operating at your full potential. I highly recommend having them removed.

The goal of the spiritual path is refinement and purification on all levels. You want to purify your physical body of toxins, your emotional body of negative feelings, your mental body of impure thoughts, and your etheric body of impure energies. So for total God-realization and optimum performance, at some point in your spiritual progression you will want to remove extraterrestrial implants, as they can subtly block your clarity, vitality and prosperity. This is a subject that very few people are even aware of because very few people can see them, except for the physical, mechanical ones. As humanity moves toward full realization of the New Age, the subject of implants is going to be coming into the foreground of people's awareness."

Like I stated before: I couldn't put it any better, and I agree totally with Dr. Stone here. It is my experience that the blockages these implants set off in our bodies can indeed slow down our ascension-process. Since the greys, and reptilians, that are responsible for most of these implants had ages of time to implant these objects (whether 3D, etheric or astral) are a widely spread phenomenon. Now most of us are able to function rather good with them obviously, nevertheless I can only strongly recommend having them removed.

As you could read before there are many different kind of implants, ranging from the small metal/fiber-like objects that have been retrieved from so-called 'abductees' to etheric or astral objects. The latter are obviously not noticeable by the instruments of physicians and scientists.The invisibility of these implants is the actual reason why such an enormous amount of people carry them, without caring to have them removed, or even without even knowing they were ever there.

The effects that the implants have on our bodies be it physical, be it astral, can also vary from implant to implant. It is therefore of great importance to have these objects removed by someone that is well informed on the matter to be worked with. Ofcourse that is only one way of getting rid of implants. For example, I had my implants removed by Korton and Aish-Ra on a voyage to the Fleet of Light. As I used to have experiences with the greys, I had several implants in my astral body.

When I asked Ashtar about implants, he had the following to say:

Ashtar on implants:

You ask me to tell you more about implants dear one, and I've been waiting for this occurrence to take place actually. You see, your interest in the subject of implants did not come to you all that sudden. It is the result of the training aboard of the Ships, for we have been preparing many of our earth-bound commanders for this.

As you and your planet are coming closer to your Ascension, it is about time to throw of the chains of everything that could hold you back on your path. Dear friend, know that many of your fellow-humans still are held back without them actually choosing so. Have you noticed more and more people seem to become interested in the spiritual side of their existence?

And do you see that many of them say things like: "I think it is all very interesting, but I don't want to think about it too much, I'm afraid I couldn't handle it?" Or maybe they will refuse to believe in "such things" and meanwhile they'll keep asking on about spiritual or "paranormal" issues?

Well dear one, these people are also beginning to awaken. But they are not able to open up completely in some way and this is to blame on implants in many cases, be it physical 3D-implants as have been found by many of your earth-doctors or astral implants. You will understand that since you are on the dawn of a new era, and time is not freely available anymore, it is necessary to have anything that holds back this process, especially these implants removed from your system.

But fear not dear one, any information you will need to have in the process of removing these objects is stored in your monad-body, your Mighty I AM-presence, as you have been following many classes aboard of our Ships, together with your fellow earth commanders.

It is now time that those who had these courses now will actually come in to action, so to speak, to remove the implants of those that are feeling "not good enough, not strong enough" to choose the path of ascension even though they want to. Well dear ones, seems there's work to be done… I will leave you for now,


I AM Ashtar.


Well friends, what can I say? I feel the words from Ashtar speak for themselves again, and it is indeed true that we had training missions on how to remove implants of the etheric and astral kind, be it directly or from a distance, thanks to the techniques given to us by the Ashtar Command. So what else can I do than humbly offering my services and get to work to remove these implants wherever possible?


Dear friends, please note that there is no reason to worry even if you will detect implants in your system. After all, you are all beings of Light, and therefore protected by that very same Light emanating directly from the Source. Now if by any chance you are not able to detect these implants visually, and you have no one around that is able to 'see' these objects, you might look at the following list, if one of more of these symptoms are experienced by you, you might want to contact us.

· Sudden mood-swings
· A feeling of being held back on your spiritual level, even though you are doing everything to move on
· Headaches after meditation or lightwork
· Feeling tired all the time
· Burning irritating eyes (physical eyes or third eye)


If you might have noticed one or more of the above symptoms please send us an e-mail describing your situation. You can write to:

After this initial e-mail you will get an invitation to either chat or ICQ, so Cmdr. Andras Sheran can speak to you directly. This process ofcourse will be guided and assisted by the Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters and/or the Angelic Realms. During these chat-sessions, so to speak, the Realms of Light will be present with you, and assist Andras in accurately removing the implant(s).


However if you feel the removal of your implants to be successful and you might want to return some energy, please know we always welcome donations. These will, ofcourse, be used for the projects of ACCNL. But dear ones, we are not demanding anything here, you are free to decide.