Interesting Links on the Net

On this page we have collected some interesting links to other AC-related websites. If you feel there are links missing here, just drop us a note with the URL to look at.

In Service,

Cmdr. Andras

To become a member of the AC-mailing-list go to Spiritweb, become a member (it's free), then go to the section Mailing-Lists, and there you will find a.o. the Ashtar Command-list, and you can subscribe right there! Be also sure to visit Cmdr. Soltec's ACC-website!
SpiritWeb The largest spiritual site on the WWW! (Also for AC-mailinglist)
Commander Soltec's ACC Website
Ashtar Command Homepage
Website of Commander Tielnec (France)
NEW!!! Three devoted members of the Ashtar Command Ground Crew are now known as Ashtar's Trinity! Visit their marvelous website!