Meditation from Sanat Kumara
Who is Sanat Kumara?

Throughout these many years, of your current generations, I have revealed a very small portion of who I Am. In current history, I have penned through such greats as Alice A. Bailey and Madame Blavatsky. I have not made public the truth of my being to humanity, not wanting to over-emphasize my role to a planetary consciousness that would not fully understand. I have lived my varied existence's behind the scenes of great and powerful Masters who have lived upon your Earth.

You have been given a small, minute picture of who Sanat Kumara is in the past. The totality of the concept is almost too great for the human mind to comprehend. I have not wanted to be idolized or worshipped by you or any other race. By the examples of others who have come to incarnate onto your planet, I felt it necessary not to expose myself to such a 'need'.

I have been in the scope of this universe and this planetary system for eons, embracing the structure through my heart and being; working to bring an evolution to this planet, Earth, so that all kindgoms could advance and so other planetary systems could advance as well. My focus has been to Earth, however my consciousness reaches far into this universe and many others.

I Am know in all spheres as 'THE ANCIENT OF DAYS'. I have commanded the evolution of many planets, not just Earth. I have been identified in all ancient texts and religions. In one of the oldest religions, I have been known as a son of Brahma, manifested God, along with my three other brothers who all have passed through this realm in one form or another. Each and every time my brother Sananda incarnated into a physical form, I have been a guiding force.

I have been instrumental in bringing forward the Lemurian and Mayan cultures to there greatest honors. I have guided the Roman Empire. I decided to bring a man called Jesus to Earth, embodied a King called Solomon, built two etheric cities: one is Shamballa in the Gobi desert and the other as Camelot in the British Isles. I instructed a King called Arthur to form the council of 12. In Shamballa I have intiated the 'will' mechanism to further anchor it into the structure of this planet. I have brought you the 'Great Invocation' and I have brought the original Reiki symbolism to you.

I have been the guiding light of Sir Issac Newton, Edgar Cayce and have inspired some musical masterpieces of Mozart and Chopin.

I have been known by many as the 'PLANETARY LOGOS', because for over 18 million years, I have fathered this planet to create an evolutionary wonder, knowing always what Terra would become in this NOW time.

When on Venus, encircled by the Order of Melchizedek and 144,000 Ascended Masters, I volunteered my lifestream to come to this planet and envelope this sphere, to become every living particle of Terra. My essence has held together the destruction, of evolutionary turmoil at times, of thi universe and this planet.[this is when we, as starseeds, volunteered to come with him.]

As the 'Planetary Logos' I set up a framework or an organization of the systems and procedures in which this race and civilization could work from, learn and develop. It has been this guidance and supervision that has brought you to this critical time in the history of your planet. Why has the planet developed in such chaos to some? Because each kingdom has its own growth cycle and each kingdom upon Terra is required to experience its own evolution before making the next step.

My name, SANAT KUMARA, has a vibrational tone frequency built into it that opens and ignites the memory of the 'I AM' in this civilization. I Am the Initiator, the Truth, the Awakener, of your God within. I initiate the change and you create the change. I Am the structure through which all must pass. Never before, in the history of this planet, have I been so present and available to humanity as I Am now. Why now? Because of this critical time in your Earth's history. Because it is time for all of you as represented as humanity to realize your own divine plan, your own planetary logoship, so you are the initiator of the Kingdom of God right here on planet Earth. We have guided you and we have watched over you and it is time for you to incorporate 'us' into you and become the totality.

Each and every phase has been carefully orchestrated to bring you to this particular time, this particular evolution. I along with many others have watched over the development of this race and now it is time to 'put into action' the plan, the Divine Will of God. I, Sunat Kumara, have fully orchestrated this plan, the Divine Will, holding together its parts for this time, to bring you to this point of recognition, to this point of understanding in your development as a race.

We have anchored the 'I Am Presence' into the crystalline grid system of the planet, at the place known as Stonehenge. This extraordinary 'I AM Presence' is now available for your Ascension process.



There has only been, in all the times, one Ascension Process. The idea that one day we would see the physical body floating up into the heavens, as depicted in several Christian publications doesn't and never has existed. Sananda's physical/Lightbody was taken up into the waiting ship, but this is no longer necessary. The only way this consciousness will ever shift and the only way you will ever be able to experience your "Lightbody" is when you can blend, balance and integrate the 4-body system: the physical, mental, emotion and spiritual bodies. This is the main reason why meditation has been created.

In order for the total consciousness to shift in this NOW time, the Hierarchy, directed by Sanat Kumara, granted a special dispensation to you to inherit greater light frequencies into the physical body and, hence, the blending of the other bodies. Before this time, these greater light frequencies would have burned up the central nervous system of the body, creating the death process.

This accelerated process is enabling the molecular structure of the physical cells to expand and reorganize for a higher vibrational current to actually integrat into your cellular core, thus allowing the new light frequencies of the Merkaba to anchor into your subtle body fields. This change will allow for the blending of all your systems. You have all waited millions of years for this blending, which is the ASCENSION PROCESS.

It is no longer appropriate to develop only one body. For instance, there are numerous tools to assist in the awakening and development of your spitirual bodies and not many tools to assist in the expanding and awakening of the cellular and emotional RePatternig.

Being spiritual means knowing yourself totally. There has never been anything grander than you. Everything that is required by you already exists within you, in each and every lifetime. When you choose a physical embodiment, the soul essence which holds all the vibrational memory of past, present and future, downloads into this particular physical biological structure which you have chosen. The biological cells of this particular body inherit the vibrational memory and knowledge or wisdom (Light is wisdom). This physical structure has inherited the light and memory of the soul essence at birth.

First, because a more lighted vibrational frequency is now available for the physical cellular structure, our physical existence requires some altering. An increase of purified water is necessary to carry this new current through to all the cells. Water is a conduit of electricity. It also flushes the old currents out of the cells. When there isn't enough water in the cells, the physical body creates tiredness or flu-like symptoms and irritability. [Janisel: Sound familiar? ]

Secondly, some of our dietary needs require altering. The denser the food you consume the harder it will be to transmsute the physical cellular structure so more cellular oxygen is needed. Foods that produce more oxygen are living foods, preferable organic vegetables and fruits. The physical body always needs support during increased frequency changes. Be conscious of what your body is asking for. Take note of your eating habits; when you feel like eating, and what you are attracted to eat.

As the physical body is inheriting this new and increased light frequency, it will begin to alter and shift in new ways. Aspects of yourselves that have been hidden deep in the emotional fields will begin to surface. Many hidden diseases or ailments will begin to surface. No longer will it be appropriate to 'deny' anything for yourselves.

As a race, you will be able to operate out of the oneness or grandness of a true Master, rather than in separated, compartmentalized parts of self. Those parts then have compartments, like fear or confusion as seen in the emotional body; illness or dis-ease in the physical body; and distraction as seen in the mental body.

In this particular NOW time, many of you have reincarnated holding many fragmented or aspected parts of self within your soul's memory that didn't necessarily clear in other lifetimes. It is in this lifetime that all those parts seek healing for this Ascension Process to occur. Some of you remember things, but in this lifetime have no conscious memory of that actual event occurring. It is this Soul Essence Memory, which is now held within cellular memory as a vibrational current, that holds you back, creates the fear, and can create a malfunction in the physical body and more.

Many of you have done enormous amounts of work on yourselves, clearing the many dysfuntions of this lifetime, but something still holds you back. It is the unresolved vibrational cellular memory that was downloaded from the soul essence of all other lifetimes into this physical structure that is still playing havoc with you. So, who you are right now is a conglomerate of many different lifetimes of vibrational memory. We all know you came from the spark of God and this lifetime is the furthest separation from that spark. It is this lifetime that is the coming Home, back Home to you, stopping the separation, and integrating you back into this four-body system.

In the etheric fields of this physical body is the ElectroMagnetic Grid which is woven through the physical body cells and becomes a holographic image. It is the clearing and reshaping of this Grid that allows for the clearance, at an accelerated rate, of the old worn out patterns, fragmented and aspected parts of self that no longer work for you.

All those patterns, beliefs and attitudes that have been holding you back can be eliminated by this clearance.... taking you off the karmic cycle of evolution or 'have to's' and creating a choice based on this NOW time. It is in the choice, that you then become realized, anchoring in the totality of yourself.

You then can view your life in a clearer more centered space. It is as if you are awakening from a deep, dark sleep and are aligned back to that 'spark consciousness' of the God within. Your life becomes a choice rather than built on 'have to's'.

This process is necessary to clear away the old for the new to be anchored in. In the past it has taken lifetimes to acquire this Ascension Process. Now, with the gift of Sanant Kumara and the rest of the Hierarchy, this accelerated process can be done right NOW. Taking these 3rd dimensional bodies into the 5th dimension. You are then ready to anchor in your total Higher Self, or what we call the 'I AM Presence' into the heart.

After the initial clearing of the ElectroMagnetic Grids, you often will experience an euphoric sensation of joy and completeness. This process will align and balance the entire system, allowing you to acquire your Divinity, your Oneness and your Ascension. Becoming the 'I AM Presence' is simple 'knowing' and 'allowing', enabling you to move away the debris that has held you back, and choosing 'You' to come back Home to YOU.

Remember, many of you have already ascended other planetary systems, but never have you ascended the entire four-body system without taking it to its death. This increase of cellular light that has been given to you by Myself, Sanat Kumara, is now available for everyone.

Meditation from Sanat Kumara


1. Center and Ground in any way you choose.

2. Call on the fusion of your Third Dimensional Earth Personality with your Soul and GodSelf (Monad).

3. Call on the assistance of the Seraphim, Elohim, Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters.

4. Envision yourself surrounded by all that is Good and Holy and feel the energy fill your Heart Center and radiate outward in all directions.

5. Focus your attention on the Heart Center of the Planet and see it filled with swirling energies of bright red, orange, yellow and green. Bring these energies up through your feet into your Heart Center.

6. Focus your energies on the Sun and see its brilliant Golden White Light radiate outward and into your Crown Chakra into your Heart Center. When it does, visualize the bright colors of red, orange, yellow and green soften into opalescent pastel colors. Then visualize the beautiful Pink

7. Feel your Energy Body pulsating as it raises in Vibration and merges with the energies of the Ascended Masters and Angels, creating the soft, opalescent Pink energy of Divine Love.

8. Allow your imaginations to flow freely until you can envision your entire group as a beautiful Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Ball of Energy (not physical, but etherical).


9. Envision a large cloud above you and watch as the darkness from the cloud slowly descends towards the Rose Quartz Crystal Ball of Energy of which you are One. As soon as it touches the ball, it immediately transmutes into a bright Pink Light and your Crystal Ball of Energy becomes larger and brighter.

Now Say: SO BE IT . . . AND SO IT IS

You will notice that the cloud above you is brighter and whiter also. The more you do this, the more you will transmute all that is no longer appropriate for the "Mass Consciousness" of an ascending Planet and the whiter the cloud will become. This, in turn, will affect all Life Forms on your planet.

Be sure you ground right AFTER the meditation!

We are forever grateful to all of you, Beloved Ones, for the work you are doing in preparation for the wonderful New Way of Living for those who choose to remain after the Ascension Process is complete. If there is anything you require, we are your most humble servants. Please ask and we will do whatever we can as long as it does not interfere with the Divine Plan.