Meditation from Archangel Metatron

Metatron wanted me to let you know that once in the light, you will be able to contact angels or the AC anytime, and they will be ready to assist wherever needed...

Please beloved one,
Visualize you are standing at the foot of an enormous mountain, see how this giant rises in front of you.

Feel the grass under your feet, and the beams of sun reflecting on the rough rocky surface on the large mountain rising before you.

As your view wanders over the mountains surface you become aware of the cave or tunnel that you'll find in the rocks. Dear souls of light, I ask you to move towards that cave.

After looking in it please move into that cave into the core of that mountain, feel you are protected by it's earthly srength.

It's a tunnel with many curves and rocks, and you are surrounded by complete darkness. Yet you KNOW there is now reason to fear, you're looked after, You will manage to pass through this tunnel in complete trust...with the divine as your guide

Now you reached the other side of the mountain... beloved friend, enjoy the first sight of the view on the other side. You arrived on a wonderfull beach, like an atlantic coast, Surrounded by warm red/brown colored rocks..

Touch these red rocks, feel the stone and realize your connection with our beautiful earth.

Let a stream of this earthly energy in trough your basis-chakra, feel the ONENESS you and this earth have achieved

Now beloved ones, as you 'll look up these red rocks you can see the orange sun come up, imagine that... a lovely sunset. Try to feel connected with this happening, feel your creativity awaken, and let your heart make a little jump just by facing this romantic scene...

Feel the brighter getting sunbeams gently touching your skin, feel this warmth and please try to realize the immense strength this beam has. Open up your plexus solaris and exchange energies with the ALL

Dance around on this beach, bathed in the gently beams of the sun...See one of the beams reflect on something...a bright green flash of light catches your eye. As you walk toward it, you'll become aware that it is a huge emerald, shining and reflecting the sunlight...This beauty is too immense to describe dear souls, this beauty has to be felt, Open your hearts to the beauty and the warmth of this appearance...

This emerald shines so brightly that you are able to see the reflection of the clouds in it...moving rapidly through the sky, vessels of the Divine...You look up and it is as if the bright blue sky folds around you and covers you with it's infinity and it's knowledge... Feel it's offer to form an alliance, an ONENESS with the ALL

Play on the clouds like a child, feel safe and secure for you know you are there to learn and to understand, but play..and do not be quiet in your game...Let your divine voice be heard... See this darker cloud pass you by, it's almost purplish colour shifts shape, untill you are standing before the most beautiful Indigo colored flower you have ever seen in your lifes... Touch the flower, it's silky surface... smell it, make it a part of you, because beloved friend, you ARE the most wonderful flower you can imagine.. feel the calmth and inner peace this flower emmits...

While you are looking at this flower, almost like a mandala of nature you see a shaft of golden-white light falling on the beach... But you are calm and centered, than you see this light getting brighter and brighter, untill it has formed a Pyramid. A pyramid of Golden-white light..

With complete trust you step inside this corgious pyramid of light, and feel that you are surrounded by Unconditional Love... You are suurounded by the ALL...

Once you are surrounded by Light, you see that your body is emmiting pure Light too, you ARE LIGHT... Please say:




Now please, let this pyramid of light bring you back to where you are right now...gently...and remember that you are Unconditionally loved by the Light...