Cmdr. Andras on UFOs
How about the UFO-phenomenon?

Some people on this planet are certain that UFOs are visiting earth these days. For most people these claims are nothing more than the opnion of a marginal group. This 'mass-opinion" is supported by Government- and Air Force-officials worldwide that are in the possesion of loads os highly classified material to proof this 'non-existance'. Ufologists and UFO-believers have wondered out loud why one would need to keep secret records about things that do not exist. Lots of people however, have never thought about or even noticed this small inconsistance.The Ashtar Command would like to shed some light on this. Ofcourse it needs no further explaining that this entire universe is full of life. The point we like to bring up is the following:

Those who only look at the UFO-phenomenon on the 'nuts & bolts' point of view tend to loose the view on the 'bigger picture'. They're still intruiged with and focussed on three dimensional phenomena are therefore missing what's really going on by 'watching the skies' (Not that there's something wrong with that,'s just that there's a time for everything). Those who believe there _is_ nothing to believed...well, they are in fact persuaded (not to say brainwashed...oops I did it anyway) by the fact that there is no believe for those phenomena from an offial side.

Ofcourse do three dimensional vehicles from other planets exist. But they are not the vessels that should claim all of your attention. If an object is "identified" as a UFO, it is not a ship that belongs to the ranks os Ashtar Command or the Brother/Sisterhood of Light.
Our vehicles are not threedimensional. On this moment our ships are positioned in the planes close to your earth. But do not fear us, the only reason for this is so we can assist you through the difficult work that awaits you and your beautiful planet, to support you with our advise and unconditional love.

But by all means, we do not want to discredit all vehicles that cruise the third dimension, there are many kind beings in that dimension, that also do their share in the mission of the Brother/Sisterhood. Once you become aware of this fact, you will occasional notice our ships of light. You will be surprised :o) This will eventually lead to the fact that the debate you're having on 3D-UFOs will loose its fire, just as you are no longer charmed and puzzled by soundless black and white movies.