Sananda Channelings

The following channelings are published here with the kind permission of a wonderfull AC-connected channel from Texas US: Janisel. She is also List-Operator for the Ashtar Command Mailing-list. On our linkpage we give you all the information you need to join this great list of like-minded people that share a lot of information with eachother.
But now I will let Sananda do the talking.

Sananda through Andras Sheran:


Beloved ones,

I AM Sananda, my heart radiates pure hapiness because I have the chance to be with you. I have chosen this moment to come forth, because I want to "hand" you some things that might come in useful on your ascension-path, that you have chosen to follow increasingly. But please know that I share this information with you out of pure Love and free will. And that same free wil you are free to use in deciding wether or not this information is for you.
Nothing I bring forth is a demand nor does it bring you rules, they're merely suggestions brought out of pure compassion for the immensly gourgeous Light that radiates in your deepest innerselves.

And that's what I wanted to talk to you about, "Love" and "Light". Many of you have encountered these words on so many ocassions that, not only they have grown into a 'slogan' but they are also used as a greeting between lightworkers all around the worls. Some of you even have been "burried" under them, that they might get a little tired of hearing those words over and over again, and that's a pitty. And that is why, friends, it is of importance to "uplift" the words "Love" and "Light" to a higher level. The true value of words dear ones is their vibration, the feeling behind them, the emotion. Love and Light are only working if the vibrations, the true value can be experienced in their purest ways.

Open your heart-chakra and do not be afraid to let it shine brightly. Recieve the words "Love" and "Light" not as a vibration via your ears and brains, but accept this vibration via your heart-centers. After all, that's what these words, these vibrations are meant to be recieved.
Now, I am aware of the fact that this process does not happen smoothly for some of you, beloved ones. But this is not due to the fact that these words are used "over-frequently". It is rather because a third word, a third vibration seems to be abscent. This third, many of you have not yet fully embraced and accepted into your heart-centers.

And yet, this third word is of great importance for ascending beloved ones, this third word is: TRUST! Without Trust in your heart it is really impossible to experience unconditional Love in it's brightest glory. Just the same it's impossible to be fully aware of your inner devine Light, your connection to the Creator, the Source.

Dear souls, I know some of you will think now: Well, but how? and some of you will undoubtedly notice that trust something is that can grow, be build up so to speak, after something went right for a while. And ofcourse I can't argue that when it comes to inter-human third dimensional relationships, but please do not confuse that "trust" with the devine "Trust" I am refering to here. Understand the importance of not Trusting in the devine plan and in your own devine spark.

Tune in to the finer, more subtile vibration fields that surround you my friends, open yourselves up and be aware of the devine spark that YOU ARE and Trust wil be there, or better said, Trust will return to your memory. Be aware that you are a part of the Devine, the Source, well dearest ones, if you are an extension of the One, than you can Trust that anything you will do, and that is activated, initiated by your intuition, will be handled in the same perfect harmony with the cosmos as the Source. The Trust you can have in that is a fact, not an option. Accept your devine spark within your entire BEING without doubting it over and over again dearest friends. Doubt would only lower your vibrations and the light-level you have reached, it will make you tired and in the end could withhold you to contain and emmit enough light to ascend, to align with your light-bodies so to speak. So beloved ones, Trust and know I brought this message to you in Infinite Love and Light,

In ONEness,

I AM Sananda.

Message from Sananda
For your upliftment and encouragement, with my blessings.


Beloved one, I would like to direct your focus to your common oneness with ascended masters and teachers from other dimensions through a brief meditation of connectedness.

Breathe, and go deep into the heart of you. Feel the peace, the very dynamic peace, the essence of you. And in that space of the heart, call to the mind's eye one that you know as an ascended master, a guide, a teacher whom you know well. Invite that one to be in the heart with you in awareness.

Speak to that one a welcome. Invite that one to radiate and pulsate with you as the light of the One that you are. Feel that one energizing even the physical body that you claim as your own.

Speak to that one the greatest desire of your heart. What would you ask of that one? Ask of that one what you would have gifted to you, and then listen.

Never again need you feel alone, for the bonding has taken place. You are healed in the place that has felt unwhole. You are healed as the One, the one holy Child who is loved forever by the Father and by the Mother. Whenever questions may come up, you may ask of this one, who is yourSelf, "How shall we look upon this? What is the whole vision? Where do we go from here? Walk with me, as me." And I will.

So be it.


Here's another message from our dear Sananda for you to "take to heart".

In Service,

Beloved one, let us speak of Love. The power of Love is what brings you Home. The power of Love is what has allowed you the adventure of thinking that you have been far from Home, far from Love Itself. The power of Love is your salvation. For, in time, the power of Love directs the expansiveness of the creative holy Child to remember Who he is.

The power of Love allows you your creativity. The power of Love has birthed you as It has given of Itself in Its creativity, to allow you to know individuality and to experience your adventure within the dream - and in the waking state. For indeed not all of the Adventure need be done in a dream. You can walk the Adventure awake: to have the Adventure and to know that you are the creative holy Child Who brings forth the Adventure itself. Then you are awake in the Adventure, experiencing yourself as the power of Love manifesting. What will bring the wakefulness into manifestation? Connecting with the simplicity of love itself.

A truth to remember: as your heart is in the right place, you do not have to rehearse what you would speak - or later judge the quality of your words. AS YOUR HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE. And as you remember your heart, your true Heart, you give unto yourself the love and permission to be that which you are.

So be it.


Sananda on Meditation

(Through Janisel)

Beloved one, when you take for yourself quiet moments called prayer, called meditation, start with the breath, with being very present with the breath. Breathe in the golden white light that you are. Contemplate the breath. Feel the energy that you are blending with each in-breath.Feel the Love that you are expressing with the release of each out-breath. Become one with the breath.

Contemplate the nature of God. Think about what you have felt God to be, what have you been taught. Go through those ideas because they will be the concepts that you have gathered unto yourself upon your journey, but know that these are concepts. They are not God. They are ideas about God. Contemplate the concept of Father, our Heavenly Father. How does that change in concept? Contemplate the words, ideas, until there are no words or concepts; there is just a feeling of peace, the feeling of unlimitedness, the feeling of joy, the feeling of release.

For that takes you to what we will call the next step in meditation: the place of communion where you have gone beyond words and concepts and ideas and you have come unto the place where you experience communion with the One that you are. There is a deep, abiding peace, the feeling of being in the flow of the energy that you are.

You are abiding at that moment in the place of the Heart. Abide in the Heart and listen. The still small Voice of which I have spoken can be heard in that place. It cannot be heard in the roar and din of the world, in all of the activities that mankind loves to surround himself with. It is heard in the quietness and in the peace of what you would term prayer or meditation, in the communion with the One that you are. It is returning unto that place of awareness of who you are. It is not that you have to search and seek for something that is lost, for it has never been lost. It is within you and has always been within you, because it is you.

In that place of communion there will be a flow, a flow of Love that you will feel. There may be a word, there may be a message, there may be a release or there may just be the feeling of peace. It will not come with a great fanfare. It will be the still small Voice. It comes in many ways. It may come just as a sigh, as the deep breath that says unto the body, "All is well." For, truly, all is well. You are loved with an everlasting Love and you have never been lost.

Abiding in the stillness of what we have termed the contemplative meditation will lead you from the place of the mind to the place of the Heart, where the feeling of peace resides, where the Love that you are is known. That is the place of communion with the Oneness that you are.

So be it.

I AM Sananda, Adonai...