The Symbols for Pioneer Voyage 3

Dear Friends,

Below you will find the drawings of two additional symbols given to me by the Ashtar Command. These symbols are meant to meditate on, as a portal, a gateway you can pass through to enter the ships. And dear ones, let me say this once again, through problems with my computer I could not send the final meditation by e-mail, so here it is:

Center yourself first beloved ones, and please repeat the breathing-exercise from the "Protection-meditation",
proceed with the activating of the Pyramid of Light as is described. After this has been done, you will go deeper in a trance-like state as you'll travel through to the 5th density.

Once you have arrived your Pyramid of Light will start to get thinner and thinner until eventually it will dissapear completely.
Because dearest lightworkers, once you have arrived in our realms you are in a state where Love is ALL that IS... and that is the reason why the protection will be needed no longer.

Once the pyramid has vanished, you will be surrounded by the brightest rainbow-colors you can imagine. Now I ask you to stay in this place for a while, become fully consciously aware of the serenity and peace you will find there from within.

Once you are completely unified with that place, you will notice your heart-centers will fill up with these lovely rainbow-colors.
It is then you will be able to see the symbol you have chosen to use as a gateway clearly. (You can also use on of the earlier symbols given to our dear Commander Soltec, if they resonate better with you).

Once this symbol is really becoming clear you'll notice you will be able to step through it. There where you will arrive after stepping through you will be welcomed dear friends, because you will be on the Rainbow ship of the Ashtar Command Fleet.
And we will be there waiting for you, to finally embrace you as family again, be it for a short time this time.

We're awaiting you with all our Love,

I AM Ashtar.

Well dearest friends, be it a little on the late side (but then again what's time in the 5th dimension...LOL!) this is the final briefing from Ashtar to the Pioneer Voyage III, and I must tell you I'm really anxious to meet you all there too!

Have a great and educative voyage!

In Oneness,

Cmdr. Andras Sheran.